Chainsaws Have Many Advantages

Cutting Wood Lumberjack Chainsaw

Chainsaws are extremely useful and can be used for much more than just cutting firewood. You can also use them to cut through tough things like bricks or metal piping, and they are incredibly useful when speed is an advantage.

  • Chainsaws Make Very Fast Cuts – Cutting a 12 inch log with a chainsaw takes less than one minute. A chainsaw’s cutting speed is naturally affected by the size, weight, and sharpness of the chain. Over time, the chain will dull, increasing the time it takes to cut through lumber to the point where it may stop altogether. Smoke will billow from the cut, which smells like burning wood when the chain becomes too dull. When the chain becomes too dull, black coloring will appear on the cut, indicating the chain is only grinding against the wood rather than cutting it.
  • Chainsaws Have Many Uses – Chainsaws are capable of cutting more than just wood, as they can also be used to cut metal and concrete. Depending on their chain type, large and small chainsaws can cut a wide variety of materials. If the operator has the right chain and safety gear, he or she can cut what is needed when the situation demands it. Chainsaws are versatile and powerful cutting tools, since they are easy to transport, carry, and refuel.
  • Chainsaws Are Easy To Use – Chainsaws require very little practice to operate correctly and are easy to learn how to use safely. It is important that the operator keep safety in mind and wear proper personal protective equipment to avoid debris and kickback. Maintaining and replacing the chain may be the most challenging part of owning and operating a chainsaw, as opposed to cutting itself.
  • Chainsaws Require Very Little Space – Additionally, chainsaws are available with up to 100 cc gas engines and 30 inch bars. Most small chainsaws are less than 24 inches long and can easily fit inside a truck bed or cab. They can easily be carried from one place to another with one hand. You can store a chainsaw in a small storage area without blocking access to other items.
  • Refueling & Recharging Chainsaws Is Easy – It is very easy to fill up a chainsaw with the gas mixture, and it’s just like filling up a gas lawn mower. In addition to using the right gas and oil mixture, keep the bar oil topped up. Chainsaws use two-cycle engines and do not have separate oil and gas compartments. Be sure to check what the gas-to-oil ratio is in the specifications. For most chainsaws, this is 50:1 or 40:1, with the larger number representing gasoline. Electric chainsaws do not require refueling. To continue cutting, just replace the spent battery with a fully charged one. The battery of an electric chainsaw can be recharged in as little as 30 minutes, and you can have multiple charged batteries available for emergency use.
  • Chainsaws Are Easy To Operate – Chainsaws powered by gas are straightforward to start if you follow the right procedure. Pump the fuel bulb a few times, turn on the switch, and pull the cord. This should be enough to start it. After the motor starts and it has been primed, squeezing the trigger will help get fuel into the engine and get it running. You must keep in mind that gas-powered chainsaw carburetors can become flooded with fuel, which will stop the engine from starting. An electric chainsaw starts automatically when it is switched on. The fact that they require no fuel other than battery power or plug power makes them fast and convenient to operate. They can be started by simply flipping the switch and pressing the trigger.
  • Chainsaws Can Cut A Variety Of Materials – Wood and tree branches aren’t the only things chainsaws can cut. In addition to cutting shrubs, scrap wood, plastic, concrete, and metal pipe, they can also cut large and small trees. When it comes to cutting wood, chainsaws can handle many types, including hardwoods such as apple, almond, hard maple, hickory, birch, beech, oak, and ash.