Why Do I Need A Jetter?

General JM1450 Jetter

Sewer jetters are hoses that attach to a pressure washer to unclog main drains, landscaping drains, and sewer lines. In most cases, the main sewer line outside a home or office is where the sewer jetter hose is fed. In addition to sewer lines outside, there are also sewer lines inside the home or office, and the majority are found in the basement.

By turning on the pressure washer, the sewer jetter nozzle’s back-firing jets will pull the hose into the drain for you. You would need less physical effort to clean the drain than if you used an alternative method. An example would be if you used a mechanical drain cleaner. Once you have activated your sewer jetter, it will scour through any stubborn debris inside the sewer line. It sweeps away anything in its path as it travels deeper into the line.

Jetters are Great for Drain Cleaning

A sewer jetter can be used by both professional plumbers and homeowners to efficiently clean clogged drains that are located both indoors and outdoors. The main sewer line could be clogged if you notice clogged sinks, toilets, and drains in your home. In order to prevent further damage to your office or home, it needs to be addressed right away. You should also be on the lookout if your toilet backs up often and if water comes back up from the drains. A sewer jetter can be used to clear a clogged main sewer line in such cases. A professional plumber or contractor may be able to assist.

What Is Causing The Drain To Clog?

Other reasons could also be contributing to your main line being clogged. Some of them can be prevented and some cannot. Several factors could cause the main line to clog, including tree roots, foreign objects, and certain types of thick toilet paper. Female hygiene products may also cause the main line to clog.

When Should I Use A Jetter?

You may have a blockage in your main sewer line if your drains or toilets sound like they are gurgling, or if water pools near your basement drain. It may be sufficient to use a sewer jetter to clear the blockage in this case. Before you attempt to clear the drain yourself, it is important to turn off the main water line. Otherwise, you might experience disastrous results.

What’s the best way to clear a clogged sewer line?

When clearing out a main sewer line, mechanical drain cleaners are sometimes used. They are, however, usually overkill in the long run. Unclogging a main sewer line with a sewer jetter is a great option because it costs less and can actually unclog the drain faster. The jetter can be used indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, you can easily clean it up once you’re done. It is important to keep in mind that main sewer lines are sometimes located in basements when choosing between a sewer jetter and mechanical drain cleaner. Many mechanical drain cleaners are huge and weigh over 250 pounds, making them not suitable for use indoors.

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