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Advantages of Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a flexible method of cutting concrete. You may want to prepare a floor for tiles or floating floorboards by removing old grout or adhesive or preparing it for polishing. Concrete grinding applications can include the removal of trip hazards between uneven concrete slabs. Concrete grinding, as opposed to concrete sawing or drilling, Read More

Concrete Cutting: Wet vs. Dry

There are two basic approaches for controlling dangerous concrete dust while cutting, drilling, or grinding concrete: wet cutting and dry cutting. Knowing when to utilize each approach is critical for improving safety, selecting the proper machinery, maintaining saws and drills, and limiting environmental implications. Wet Cutting Concrete – What Exactly Is It?Wet concrete cutting entails Read More

Chain Saws for Concrete

No matter what brand you use, whether it is ICS, Husqvarna or Stihl, concrete chain saws can be an effective tool for cutting deep openings in masonry and concrete walls, for example egress windows. Here are some points to consider when running a concrete chain saw. Powerhead longevity and chain life are directly related to Read More

Working with Walk-Behind Trowels

Power trowels may be utilized on larger concrete slabs that require a floated or troweled finish. These devices are often used to construct a more thickly troweled floor on concrete that is too rigid to handle with conventional equipment. Power trowels, as compared to concrete hand finishing equipment, significantly increase performance and minimize expenses by Read More