Fundamental Equipment for Contractors During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

If you are a contractor working on the East Coast, you know that Hurricane Season (June first through November 30th) is something you, your team, and your business must be ready for. It is important to be able to keep your worksites protected and functional. You must remove water and clean up debris.

Be Prepared – Don’t Lose Power

The quantity of blackouts during the beginning of Hurricane Season has multiplied like clockwork. It’s not unexpected for regions to be without power and lighting for quite a long time. Business owners know their companies cannot function in the dark. After all, a submersible pump rental can’t dewater the place of work in the event that you have nothing to plug it into. That is why reserving an industrial generator long before the lights go out is pivotal.

Your go-to rental equipment and tools store can hold the generators and portable lighting equipment that are ideal for your business, and they can advice you about when you should purchase a unit instead of leasing one. Also, it is important to keep in mind the extra cords and fittings that may be needed to connect equipment or rewire a site after a storm. With the convenient power and lighting you need, you’re prepared to continue to work.

Clean Out Wet Areas

For many construction companies, hurricane season is synonymous with water pump rentals. It is easy to see why, a great part of the damage and danger of hurricanes comes from flooding. Like so much about this season, that’s both a challenge and a business opportunity. Most customers you had before a big storm need you to get back to work, and new jobs will be coming in at recently damaged locations. In any case, it is important to be able to have the necessary equipment to remove standing water and drying out work areas. Not only that, but it is probably going to involve more than a submersible pump rental to get a work area back to a functional state.

Selecting the correct water pump rental involves knowing all about the equipment as well as asking the right questions about the site, the amount of debris in the water, etc. A submersible pump rental can become just a waste of time and money when a powerful trash pump is right option for the job. Rentalex has a great selection of water pumps rentals and industrial wet-dry vacuums and dryer units to get floors, carpeting, and other surfaces dry before mold and mildew set in.

Tidying Up Affected Areas

No matter what industry are you in, you are likely going to invest some energy and time during Hurricane Season tidying up the garbage of tree limbs and harmed structures. Regardless of whether you lease or purchase, you’ll need the right instruments and gear for the work. Even if you already own a skid steer or two, you ought to consider reserving an extra loader or attachment, and power buggy to assist with cleanup in restricted spaces, or a bigger earthmover for managing fallen trees and major underlying harm. Obviously, having a trimming tool to clear fallen branches or a demolition saw to dismantle harmed portions of structures is additionally significant. What’s more, as usual, when you’re working outside or in a building where the power is out, generator rentals are a requirement.

Rentalex Is Ready To Help You!

Having a plan for Hurricane Season can make the difference between extreme weather being a disaster or a windfall. Every year’s weather hurricane season is unique. Being prepared for this type of severe weather situations requires more than reserving water pump rentals. It means utilizing your own insight and best judgment, and it likewise means knowing the right rental company to go to if an emergency arises.

Avoid spending time and money running all over town to find the tools you need — make one stop at your local rental store. Rentalex is a rental store located in the Tampa Bay area ready to help you. Our rental representatives can provide how-to tips and help you find the tool you need. Visit our Tampa store at 1028 Skipper Road, in Tampa, FL 33613.

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