Rentable Tools for Landscapers

Landscaping Tool Rentals

A professional landscaping company prides itself on being prepared for every job. That includes having all the necessary tools and equipment to complete any job. However, even the largest contractors can’t own every possible landscaping tool. One day, you’ll need a tool you don’t have. That’s when renting makes sense.

It makes sense to rent a tool when the tool is under repair, or when the tool failed on the job and you needed an immediate replacement. Renting a specialized piece of equipment you never had any use for, like a stump grinder, might make sense if you need to do a job that requires that kind of equipment. Renting is an affordable, risk-free way to try out new landscaping tools and machines before purchasing. Regardless of the reason, renting is a viable alternative for any landscaping company, no matter how big or small.

From backpack blowers and chainsaws to backhoes and dump trailers, most home improvement centers offer a rental department with a wide selection of industrial-grade landscaping tools, machines, and heavy equipment. To learn more about tool rentals, please call (813)971-9990. You can also see our complete landscaping tool inventory here!

Here are seven essential tools for landscaping that you can rent. This is just a small list of landscape tools we have available for rent by the day, week, or month.

  1. Sod Cutters: Sod cutters are one of the most popular rental items on landscapers’ list, but often neglected by many. Sod cutters provide a quick and easy way to remove sod from expanding or establishing flowerbeds while also creating walkways for patios. For example, an 18-inch model equipped with 5.5 horsepower (hp) engine and hydrostatic drive transmission allow operators tailored cutting speeds depending on ground conditions as well as 3 mph transport speed which is among the fastest in its class!
  2. Hydraulic Augers: When you need to quickly dig large, deep holes for construction projects or agricultural purposes, a hydraulic power auger is your best bet. This device has the ability of drilling through hard and tough soil with ease thanks to its durable design that can be operated by one person. Renting this machine will both save money on labor costs as well as time spent in transit since towable models are easy-to-transport and don’t require telescoping booms or axles like their stationary counterparts do which take up more space when not being used thus increasing transportation cost because they’re bulky.
  3. Landscape Bed Edgers: Renting a bed shaper is the key to getting crisp, neat edges along lawns and flowerbeds. It can take an experienced landscaper about four minutes of hard labor per foot of edging cut—but with a walk-behind bed shapers rented from your local rental company you’ll be able to easily cut 100 feet in just one minute.
  4. Overseeders: While it may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, renting a walk-behind overseeder is another popular landscaping tool you should consider. It’s portable and affordable, making it easy to use for smaller jobs or homeowners looking to maintain their lawns. This self-propelled machine has an adjustable front seed drop so you can cover more surface area with less effort – perfect for smaller spaces.
  5. Hydraulic Trenchers: When you need a narrow, deep trench to lay cables or pipes, rent power trenchers. The sturdy models are perfect for any task that requires digging and it’s easy enough with the right equipment! Renting one is much more cost-effective than buying your own machinery and they save time too by automatically adjusting how fast the wheels move depending on the current load in place.
  6. Cable Installers: In the event of a cable-burying emergency, do not panic. Renting an automatic gas powered machine will save you time and effort in this trying situation. The compact walk behind machine automatically digs trenches for low-voltage landscaping lighting installs or invisible dog fences with ease.
  7. Masonry Saws: This is a tool many people do not consider when landscaping due to it being less traditional. This electric saw allows you the ability to easily cut and shape hard bricks, pavers, concrete, and more with precision.

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