Tips for Safe Forklift Operation

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If your company requires its staff to use forklifts to raise and lower heavy loads, be sure they are properly trained. To guarantee that your employees can use this machine safely, train them on how to safely operate forklifts. As a result, your staff will be able to utilize a forklift without triggering an accident that results in an injury or death. Learn more about some important forklift safety tips that you should share with your employees.

  • Forklifts Should Be Inspected Before Each Work Shift
    Forklifts should be inspected before they are used. Operators can identify any issues that could hamper the machine’s performance during the inspection. It is important for workers to follow OSHA’s requirements for forklift inspections. Pre-start inspections can check fluid levels, finger guards, and other lift components. They must also perform an operational inspection to ensure the lift’s brakes, steering, and other functional components are working properly. Forklift operators should notify their managers immediately if they observe any problems during inspections. The lift must then be taken out of service until it is repaired.
  • Perform Regular Maintenance
    The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed when maintaining forklifts. Forklift maintenance schedules are required by OSHA.
  • Operate a Forklift at a Safe Speed
    Forklift operators must drive their lifts at a safe speed. They must be careful when rounding corners and approaching blind spots. And, they should always wear proper safety clothing and equipment. Furthermore, businesses can set up speed limit signs at worksites. It is imperative to remind forklift operators to drive carefully and follow posted warning signs.
  • Ensure Forks Are Low To The Ground
    The forks of a forklift must be kept low to the ground by the operator. This allows the operator to keep a clear forward view.  When a forklift operator maintains the forks low to the earth, their ability to properly drive their lift ahead is hampered. In these cases, the operator should reverse their lift. A forklift operator must maintain 360° sight surrounding their lift regardless of the direction of movement. The driver should constantly keep their eyes on the road ahead and use their rear-view mirrors. He or she can also turn on the lift’s headlights to provide clear sight at night or outside.
  • Keep the Forklift Load Stable
    Forklift operators must be vigilant of off-center loads, overloading, and damaged or loose loads when handling loads. Operators must use caution when approaching loads and employing the correct mast and fork position. There is also no need to overload a forklift. This can cause a lift to fall over. As a result, forklift operators must be aware of a lift’s weight capacity and avoid exceeding it.
  • Use Floor Markers
    To improve workplace safety, install floor markings. The markers can alert forklift workers to potential risks on the job. They can be used to protect people from getting in the line of forklifts.
  • Consider the Load Capacity of the Forklift
    Confirm the load capacity of a forklift and make sure it is never exceeded. Overloading a lift, on the other hand, might result in a tip-over, as well as property and equipment damage. Even worse, the incident can result in serious injuries or even death.
  • Do Not Transport Extra People On A Forklift
    Forklifts are intended to transport cargo, not more humans. Furthermore, a forklift operator should never utilize their lift for anything other than its designated function. If a forklift is needed to elevate a worker, it should be utilized in conjunction with a secure work platform and cage.
  • Maintain A Safe Distance Between The Forklift and Bystanders and Other Machinery
    When feasible, keep a forklift away from onlookers and heavy machinery. Operators should make sure they have enough space to stop their lift without hitting a spectator or other apparatus.
  • Require Your Workers to Stay Up to Date on Forklift Safety Tips
    Verify that all forklift operators have OSHA-approved certification. They must recertify every three years. With recertification, operators can receive the most up-to-date OSHA forklift safety tips.

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