Manufacturer: BARRETO
Model: 912
4 Hour: $185
Daily: $275
Barreto 912 Mini Trencher
Barreto 912 Mini Trencher
  • DESIGN - Sometimes the job demands a more compact approach without sacrificing production speed. To meet the needs of the residential contractor who may be working in tight spaces, this self-propelled trencher can easily handle sprinkler systems, electrical lines, and other shallow trench applications. The 912 saves on space while still providing the horsepower necessary to trench up to 24” deep. The boom pivot design keeps high wear components out of the dirt and is easily maintained. The front end pivots on a pin instead of a boom pivot bushing. This reduces maintenance issues often caused by dirt and debris.
  • CONTROLS - The control panel is simple and understandable for even the novice operator. The safety clutch engages and disengages the wheel and chain drives. When the clutch is released, the engine continues to run and the controls remain in place, ready to resume trenching at any time. Variable speed drive allows the operator to adjust their wheel speed to the soil conditions. The reversible chain drive can be operated manually to dislodge obstructions or debris.
  • ROI - Trenchers can become one of your leading revenue sources. With a unique design that provides limited need for maintenance and repair, the 912 won’t be tying up your revenue or your mechanic. It will stay in the field and get the job done. Because Barreto trenchers are reliable in the most difficult conditions, customer satisfaction is high. When the customer is provided with a piece of equipment that makes their job this easy, they keep coming back.
* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.
  • 912HM: Honda GX270, 9HP
  • Forward: 132 ft/min
  • Reverse: 58 ft/min
  • Digging Chain Speed: 227 ft/min
  • Trench Depth: 12″, 18″, or 24″
  • Trench Width: 4″ or 6″
  • Front Wheel to Handlebar: 71″
  • Boom End to Handlebar: 81″
  • Wheel Width: 28″
  • Handlebar Width: 29″
  • Total Height: 43″
  • Wheel Base: 30″
  • Weight: 620 lbs
PDF Version Barreto 912 Specifications
PDF Version Barreto 912 Operators Manual