Manufacturer: GEHL
Model: RT165
4 Hour: $515
Daily: $515
GEHL RT165 Track Loader
GEHL RT165 Track Loader
The Gehl RT165 Compact Track Loader is taking performance to the next level. As a general rule, radial lift is best when the majority of the work is performed below eye level, vertical lift is ideal for lifting and dumping at higher heights. For example, when the majority of the work is performed above eye level ― vertical lift would be best suited. From the barn to the jobsite, this mid-sized track loader offers compact power to impress any operator. Designed, assembled and tested in the USA to ensure limited downtime and maximum efficiency.

  • RADIAL-LIFT DESIGN - Offers enhanced performance in excavating, grading and digging below grade applications. Due to the radial lift path, the maximum reach is greater at the middle of the lift height, making it easier to reach the center of trailers
  • EXCELLENT FORWARD REACH - The Gehl radial-lift track loaders provide excellent forward reach at the middle of the lift path. This provides high performance for loading flatbed trucks, backfilling or dumping over a wall.
  • AUTOMATIC TRACK TENSIONING SYSTEM - Eliminate daily tension checks and costly track replacements with the IdealTrax system. Tracks are automatically tensioned when the engine is started and during operation. Tension is released when the engine is shut off.
  • CHOICE OF CONTROLS - Choose between pilot joystick, T-bar, or hand/foot controls to suit operator preference. A conversion kit is available for the pilot dual-hand control system.
  • ADAPTED SKID LOADER CHASSIS - Custom built from the proven design of the RT165 skid loader to aid in superior weight distribution. This design enhances stability, grading, tractive effort, and ride control.
  • COUNTERWEIGHT/BUMPER - Gain extra tipping capacity while offering increased rear protection. Increases rated operating capacity on RT165 by 100 lbs. (46 kg) and adds 1.5" (38 mm) to overall length.
* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.
  • Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load: 1,650 lbs.
  • Operating Capacity at 50% Tipping Load: 2,357 lbs.
  • Tipping Load: 4,715 lbs.
  • Operating Weight: 8,020 lbs.
  • Make/Model: Yanmar/4TNV98C-NMS2 Tier IV
  • Type: 4-Stroke Naturally Aspirated
  • Displacement/Cylinders: 4
  • Gross Power @ rpm:9 hp @ 2500
  • Net Power @ rpm:4 hp @ 2500
  • Peak Torque @ rpm: N/A
  • Oil Pump Capacity: 11 qts.
  • Alternator Voltage/Amperage: 14V/100A
  • Drawbar Pull/Tractive Effort: 9,578 lbs.
  • Track Type/Track Rollers/Roller Type: Rubber/4/Steel
  • Track Width: 6"
  • Ground Pressure - Narrow / Wide: 5 / 5.2 psi
PDF Version GEHL RT165 Specifications