Maintain Your Excavator With These Tips

mini excavator

Excavators provide your team with the power to accomplish their tasks. Maintaining your machine will prevent expensive repairs and downtime, keeping it in good working order. Maintain accurate records for each machine in your fleet and ensure that your operators and technicians faithfully perform the tasks at regular intervals. It is equally important to follow the rental company’s daily maintenance procedures when renting a machine to avoid additional repair charges. The following are the recommended inspection and maintenance procedures for most excavators at the recommended intervals. For specific variations pertaining to your excavator model and make, consult the service manual.

The following 8-hour checklist contains procedures that should be completed before each 8-hour shift. The machine operator should practice going through this checklist and performing these tasks before operating the machine for the day to avoid noticing issues and making them worse. To prevent damage to the machine, create a form that can be printed out and completed each day before operation.

  • Ensure that fluid oil levels are adequate and that no leaks exist (engine oil, hydraulic oil, swing gear, coolant).
  • Make sure all grease fittings are greased.
  • Water separator filter needs to be drained.
  • Radiator/intercooler should be checked and cleaned.
  • If there are any irregular noises at startup and while running, check them out.
  • Make sure there is enough diesel fuel in the tank.
  • All safety devices (steps, handrails, lights, alarms) should be checked.

If you follow the maintenance procedures in your machine’s service manual according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule or follow the maintenance requirements in your rental agreement, you will be better able to prevent unexpected failures, downtime, and costly repairs.