Is It Better To Rent or Buy A Skid Steer?

Wacker Neuson SW28 Skid Steer

You may wonder how you can get your hands on a skid steer once you realize how much of a help one can be. Generally speaking, you can buy or rent one. Both buying and renting skid steers have advantages. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of both renting and buying, so you can make an informed choice.

Renting A Skid Steer

If you don’t use a piece of equipment on a regular basis, you should consider renting it. However, there are other factors to consider as well. You could end up spending more on rental costs if you keep renting the same piece of equipment than if you just bought it. If you are buying, you are making an investment, so how do you know if that investment will pay off? A rental is an excellent option if you aren’t sure it will pay off.

Rental also gives you the option to pick the skid steer that is best suited to your application at the time. This means you can rent a larger, vertical lift skid steer for one job and, the next month, a small, radial lift skid steer for another. Similarly, you can rent attachments as well. Attachments can be highly versatile, and they can be very useful, but for some jobs that are more specialized, you should rent the appropriate attachment.

In addition, renting may be a good option if you are taking on jobs outside your town and don’t want to transport your equipment. The equipment can be rented at the job site itself. Skid steers are relatively easy to transport, especially the smaller models, compared to other types of heavy equipment.

Buying A Skid Steer

When deciding whether to buy a skid steer, consider how much use you will get out of it. Consider renting a skid steer for an extended period of time to get a better feel for how often you will use it. You should consider purchasing a skid steer if it becomes a staple piece of equipment on the job. But choosing the right skid steer when you’re buying is extremely important, so find out what your needs are and ask your dealer for advice.

If you’re looking for specialized equipment, renting makes sense. However, skid steer loaders can accomplish so many different tasks that you might want to consider buying one of these machines. Skid steers can be bought and some essential attachments can be rented as needed, depending on the job.

Investing in heavy equipment is a big deal. Although it may seem like a larger financial commitment, if it allows you to work more efficiently and you can avoid repetitive rental fees, you can reap great rewards in the long run. Furthermore, skid steers generally cost less to purchase and maintain than other similar types of compact equipment.

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