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Prevent downtime and unexpected failures with routine excavator maintenance. Preventive maintenance encompasses everything from hydraulic fluid replacements to adjusting and changing your tracks. The following are some important excavator maintenance guidelines:

  • You should check hydraulic fluid on an excavator every day as part of your daily walk-around inspection. Ensure that the service stick is positioned correctly. Determine whether the fluid level in the side compartment is at or below the indicated level by checking the hydraulic fluid gauge. Check your hydraulic cylinders for leaks. Hydraulic cylinders that leak oil pose an environmental risk to the environment, as well as allowing dirt into the system and reducing system life significantly. Fix any leaky hydraulic cylinders as soon as possible.
  • It’s important to add hydraulic fluid to an excavator while the engine is still cool if the fluid level is low. Drain and fill with hydraulic oil until the level is within a safe operating range.
  • The undercarriage of an excavator needs to be adjusted properly to prevent excessive wear. The first step in tightening sagging tracks is to raise one of them off the ground using the boom. Start by measuring the distance between the middle roller and the track. Use your grease gun to add grease until the track is tight at that roller. Apply grease to each roller in turn. Do the same on the other side. Tracks should never be overtightened.
  • You can replace excavator tracks by raising one track off the ground using the boom and removing the idler to give the track slack. Use a lever to pry off the old track after removing the nut. Grasp the new track with a sprocket and carrier roller and lower the machine. Once again, lift the machine and push the track into place, adjusting the tension as you go.

Your Owner’s Manual will provide you with further information regarding how to maintain and service your excavator. It is recommended that you change hydraulic oil at twice the recommended time interval when you use a hydro mechanical tool.

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