How Much Does a Skid Steer Rental Cost?

R165 Skid Steer

The cost of renting a skid steer relies on a variety of factors and can vary greatly from project to project, but a rough estimate can be useful in the early stages of planning. Rental fees typically vary from $200 to $500 per day, $600 to $1,500 per week, and $1,200 to $4,000 per month.

Contacting a local merchant or an online equipment rental network in your region is the easiest approach to get precise price information. Quotes from these sources are often the most trustworthy, although even a rough estimate may be useful when planning a new project. However, if your project needs a larger lifting capacity or a skid steer that operates on tracks rather than wheels, the overall cost will most certainly be at the higher end of those pricing ranges. Knowing what elements determine skid steer rental rates will help you make a more educated choice when selecting a product and supplier. Consider the following factors to get the most accurate cost estimate:

  • Location: The cost of renting a skid steer might vary substantially based on the location of your project. When browsing rental alternatives or obtaining a quote, be careful to specify your specific address to get an accurate cost.
  • Project Duration: The cost of hiring a skid steer may vary significantly depending on the location of your project. When looking at rental options or getting a quote, be sure to include your exact address to get an accurate price.
  • Size: Larger skid steers with more horsepower tend to be more expensive than smaller models and can be less fuel efficient.
  • SKid Steer Type: The prices of the two primary types of skid steers, track loaders and wheeled skid steers, may vary greatly. Track loaders are often more expensive to purchase and to move and maintain.
  • Brand: Some brands and kinds of skid steers are more expensive to hire than others. To find the greatest deal, evaluate various brands and assess their advantages and disadvantages. When comparing features and rates, an online equipment rental marketplace is a great place to start.
  • Market Conditions: Prices might change throughout the year depending on the health of the rental market. Rental costs are frequently higher in high-demand locations and cheaper in places with fewer active development projects.

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