Manufacturer: TAKEUCHI
Model: TL6R
4 Hour: $453
Daily: $453
TL6R Compact Track Loader
Takeuchi TL6R Compact Track Loader
The TL6R Compact Track Loader features a radial lift loader design and meets all current emission standards. With a height of 6 ft 5.8 in and a width of just over 5 ft the dimensions of the TL6R allow it to excel on job sites that may have height and width restrictions. This track loader comes with a newly designed cabin with an overhead 5.7” color multi-informational display and backlit rocker switches that control a variety of machine functions. The TL6R comes standard with a quiet track design with flotation pads that reduces vibration, noise levels, and improves ride quality.

  • Powerful Drives – Double reduction planetary drives provide exceptional pushing power, delivering maneuverability, outstanding performance, and the standard two speed travel allows for increased travel speeds.
  • Dual Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics – Features multiple attachments presets and the ability to change hydraulic flow within the 5.7′ monitor display.
  • Active Power Control – Maintains engine power for optimal performance, and it may be engaged or disengaged by the operator.
  • Quiet Ride Track – Allows rollers to ride on a rubber contact pad for reduced vibration and a quieter ride, and the wide block tread improves flotation.
  • Radial Lift Loader – Is designed to deliver excellent mid-height reach and unmatched performance in the toughest applications.
  • Total Package – Outstanding operating capacity coupled with tremendous breakout force allow you to get the job done more efficiently.
  • Built to Last – The heavy duty rear door is built to protect the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler from rear impacts, and will provide years of service and dependability.
  • Purpose Built Frame – Features multiple cross members for greater strength and rigidity.
  • Model Specific Oversized Undercarriage Components – For long lasting durability. TL6R features double and triple flange track rollers for less susceptibility to detracking.
  • Open Up – With a tilt back operator’s station and large removable belly pans routine maintenance and cleaning is easy to perform.
  • Access to Maintenance Items – Many key maintenance items are accessible from the rear of the machine: engine oil fill and filters, engine oil dipstick, coolant reserve tank, fuel water separator, and air cleaner.
  • Two Large Belly Pans – For easy clean out of dirt and debris. Two smaller access panels for engine oil drain and fuel water separator.
* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.
  • Max. Lift Height to Bucket Pin: 9 ft 6.4 in (2,905 mm)
  • Dump Height Fully Raised: 7 ft 5.6 in (2,275 mm)
  • Dump Reach Fully Raised: 1 ft 10.0 in (560 mm)
  • Track Ground Contact Length: 4 ft 6.9 in (1,395 mm)
  • Machine Length: 8 ft 9.9 in (2,689 mm)
  • Transport Length: 10 ft 11.1 in (3,330 mm)
  • Transport Height: 6 ft 5.8 in (1,975 mm)
  • Operating Weight - Canopy: 7,485 lb (3,395 kg)
  • Operating Weight - Cab: 7,780 lb (3,530 kg)
  • Tipping Load: 5,269 lb (2,390 kg)
  • Rated Operating Capacity, SAE J818*: 1,841 lb (835 kg)
  • Operating Load at 50% of Tipping Load: 2,635 lb (1,195 kg)
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 5,930 lb (2,690 kg)
  • Lift Arm Breakout Force: 4,860 lb (2,205 kg)
  • Traction Force: 8,655 lb (3,926 kg)
  • Ground Pressure - 12.6" Track: 5.1 psi (34.8 kPa)
  • Travel Speed - Low: 4.3 mph (7.0 km/hr)
  • Travel Speed - High: 6.2 mph (10.0 km/hr)
  • Auxiliary Flow - Primary Circuit: 17.8 gpm (67.4 Lpm)
  • Hydraulic System Pressure: 2,988 psi (20.6 MPa)
  • Make / Model: Kubota / V2403-CR-TE4B
  • Engine Displacement: 148.5 cu in (2.4 L)
  • Horsepower @ 2,700 rpm: 65.2 hp (48.6 kW)
  • Maximum Torque @ 1,500 rpm: 144.3 ft-lb (195.6 Nm)
  • Engine Lubrication: 7.6 qt (7.2 L)
  • Cooling System: 14.0 qt (13.0 L)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 20.0 gal (75.7 L)
  • Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load): 2.69 gal/hr (10.2 L /hr)
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 7.9 gal (30.0 L)
  • Hydraulic System Capacity: 13.5 gal (51.0 L)
PDF Version Takeuchi TL6R Specifications
PDF Version Takeuchi TL6R Operators Manual
PDF Version Takeuchi TL6R Parts Manual