Benefits of Using a Tamping Rammer

Compaction Rammers

Today, most concrete workers have to use a compactor on the job site.  Could a tamping rammer really be a valuable tool for you? The use of a rammer not only simplifies your life on the job site, but can also save you a lot of time, produce a better end product, and earn you a higher profit margin on the job. For those who are not familiar with rammers, let me give a brief overview:

What Is A Rammer?

A rammer is a machine used to compact the ground.  Rammers work differently than plate compactors. Rammers compress the ground using impact force, instead of vibrations like a compactor does. Rammers literally lift a machine’s foot off the ground and slam it back down. Thus, trenches and other places with tight spaces benefit from deeper compaction depths.

Rammers are used most often in hard-to-reach areas that a compactor may have trouble reaching because they have an upright design. As a result of their small footprint and powerful punch, they are easily maneuverable and cover ground with little difficulty.

How Can A Rammer Benefit You?

A Rammer is great because it has a slim profile with a small footprint, Its design allows it to be easily maneuvered. Its depth of compaction is greater than a vibratory plate compactor, and It works differently than a vibratory plate compactor, allowing you to compact different materials.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how a rammer could be beneficial to your business. You can decrease your cost of labour if you complete a job faster.  The margin for profit increases when the cost of labour decreases. The drop in labour costs is not the only benefit, but it will also create a trend of exceeding your customers’ expectations. As a fast, dependable contractor, you will attract a larger audience, thus making it easier for you to gain new customers and repeat business.