What Is A Carpet Extractor?

No matter how expensive the carpet is, dirt from outside usually finds its way into the pile of the carpet due to people walking on them. The carpet extractor is a carpet cleaner that removes dirt and stains from carpet fibers to leave them clean and sanitized.

Why should you use a carpet extraction cleaner?

Rugs are an attractive, warm and colorful floor covering that adds aesthetic value to homes and businesses. We can’t prevent people from walking on it, so to keep it looking attractive it needs to be cleaned, and a vacuum cleaner is the first port of call. Vacuuming is an important part of carpet cleaning, however, much of the residue we deposit on a carpet is oily or sticky, which over time makes vacuuming difficult.

The fibers of a carpet are cut, knotted, and attached to the backing material. There are many types of knots in carpets, such as twists or loops, and the knots’ lengths and densities differ depending on the carpet’s construction. The materials used for carpeting, in addition to wool, include jute, sisal, and man-made materials such as polyethylene and nylon, which are used partly for their aesthetics and partly for their durability. All types of carpet can be cleaned with a carpet extractor using appropriate chemicals, both for general cleaning as well as for spot cleaning to remove isolated stains that require intensive cleaning.

What carpet extractors do?

The carpet extractor uses a mild solution of hot or cold water and a cleaning chemical, which is applied to the carpet and agitated. After the cleaning solution absorbs the dirt, the mixture is vacuumed into the machine’s body for later disposal by the extractor. It is important for operators to understand the carpet composition and to make the appropriate chemical selection for any cleaning job, as there is more to it than that.

Carpet Extractor Types

For small carpeted areas where maneuverability is difficult or when a machine is required to remove the occasional stain, a small lightweight machine is ideal. This type of carpet cleaner has the advantage of being highly portable and very easy to use. The larger extraction machines, on the other hand, are suitable for cleaning large carpeted areas thanks to their sleek designs and sophisticated pressure and solution controls that ensure they can handle any job.

Virtually all carpet extraction machines can be used for upholstery cleaning too, by using a cleaning wand attachment for upholstered furniture and also for cleaning spots and stains from a carpet or rug. Due to their relatively short drying times, they are particularly useful for cleaning chairs and sofas, as well as car or coach seats.

How to use a carpet extractor?

Using a carpet extractor appears to be pretty straightforward. Load it with cleaning solution and water, and turn it on and off as you go. The type of cleaning solution used depends on the type and density of carpet pile and indeed for particular stains there will probably be a particular cleaning product to clean it off. It’s also important to use the correct temperature, as natural fibers may shrink if the solution is too hot.

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