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The scissor lift is one of the most often used pieces of heavy machinery and has a wide range of uses in several sectors. We’ll highlight the top 5 tasks that scissor lifts are most frequently employed for in this blog post’s various sectors. Scissor lifts are a form of heavy equipment classified as a “aerial lift” that are used to exclusively vertically elevate personnel and their instruments to working heights. They are therefore excellent for projects that have a flat base and are simpler to reach, as we shall discuss below.

With its stack of crossed tubes that decompress and compress in a scissor-like manner, a scissor lift raises and lowers its platform. The hydraulic fluid or compressed air is sent from the reservoir to the operating cylinders via the scissor lift control system. The hydraulic cylinder will then push outward in order to rise higher, which will force the scissor legs to push apart and raise the platform.

The operator can retract the scissor legs by using a down valve to release hydraulic fluid or by restoring the cylinder’s pneumatic pressure to the reservoir to lower the scissor lift mechanism. Wheels are typically fitted on scissor lifts so they may move around the working area.

  • Construction and Contracting: In many building and contracting projects, the scissor lift is a popular piece of heavy machinery that is employed for the task of reaching heights. Although boom lifts and ladders are additional height-reaching options, the scissor lift is frequently a constant in every fleet or project site. The machine’s most common model among construction and contracting firms is the 19-foot scissor lift. Scissor lifts are used for tasks in conventional outdoor construction projects including bridge construction and the framing of huge structures. Scissor lifts are also handy for interior contracting tasks including plumbing, HVAC, welding, and electrical work.
  • Putting Up Signs: Despite the fact that they are almost ubiquitous, few individuals give the installation of outdoor and interior signs, posters, and billboards much thought. The placement of signs is a good example of a task that scissor lifts excel at. Boom lifts are also frequently used for these kinds of projects, but only if the lift’s base cannot be positioned immediately beneath the sign that is being mounted. Outdoor signage such as traffic signs on highways, smaller billboards, storefront or industrial signs, and posters on the exterior of buildings are installed or replaced using scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are used to install or replace indoor signs, such as retail signs and posters, mall storefront signs, and sizable safety signs in workplaces.
  • Painting and Cleaning: Cleaning and painting are two of the most well-known applications for scissor lifts. When cleaning and painting larger, higher buildings, the scissor lift is an excellent tool for getting to those difficult-to-reach spots. Although ladders are typically used for this sort of task, employing a scissor lift makes the procedure considerably easier, less labor-intensive, and most importantly, much safer. In the outdoors, scissors lifts are used to clean high windows, paint the outside of structures, and are a tool for artists when painting enormous murals on a building’s wall. When painting a bigger commercial or industrial ceiling, scissor lifts might be beneficial.
  • Large Retail and Warehousing: Moving on to less service-related activities, scissor lifts are typically encountered equipment inside warehouse facilities and retail building storage sections. This piece of heavy equipment is critical to the running of these facilities since it can reach upper storage places and move around the floor swiftly, safely, and effectively. Scissor lifts, in particular, are used to access and recover warehouse or retail storage at heights, as well as transfer large freight items around the facility. It should be noted that many warehouse and retail scissor lifts are customized to make driving and transporting the equipment itself much easier.
  • Operations of a Manufacturing Facility: Scissor lifts may assist in the operations of a manufacturing business by swiftly, safely, and effectively reaching heights while lifting big items for the specialized machinery involved. It is also necessary to do routine maintenance on these machinery, which scissor lifts may help with.

Depending on the project, a scissor lift is required for a variety of tasks. Scissor lifts enable safe work in high heights, whether in building, cleaning, or storage.  If you need to rent a scissor lift for your next project, call Rentalex at (813)971-9990 for more information.

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