Manufacturer: AIRMAN
Model: SDG25S-8E1
4 Hour: $250
Daily: $250
The SDG25 generator from AIRMAN, with its Isuzu diesel engine, runs over 32 hours at full load, delivering 20kW of prime power. Auto start is a standard feature and has the industry’s best automatic voltage regulation of +/- 0.5% and an exterior potentiometer allowing for precise voltage selection.

urable and portable power that’s tough, yet quiet. MMD Equipment’s PowerPro™ mobile generators are engineered to handle the most rugged requirements for construction site or event power. Our mobile generators utilize Delta Demand Excitation™ technology that responds immediately under variable loads. Also, Quietech™ sound reduction makes them quiet enough to provide power for that all-important special event. Because PowerPro generators are dependable and easy to operate, they are the right choice for all of your power needs.

Curbside Power Connections — safer setup and testing for all applications. Direct connections are labeled in standard U.S. nomenclature (L1, L2, L3, N) and are guarded by a clear cover that has test meter probe access to each terminal even when the guard is closed, allowing safer setup and testing for all applications. GFCI convenience and 50 amp twist lock receptacles are protected with a guard that is secured for safety during operation, yet allows easy access to connections during setup.

MMD Engines are reliable, compact and durable. Powered by Isuzu and Kubota diesel engines that are EPA compliant and meet CARB certification. Hybrid dual fuel and parallel options — call for details. External fuel valve for extended runtime — standard feature for easy connection of an external fuel tank. Equipped with an electric fuel primer and air-bleed (EFPA) pump. This pump automatically bleeds air from the system without opening the injector lines if the generator runs out of fuel, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance calls. Automatic shutdowns offer protection from low oil pressure, overcrank, overspeed and high temperature conditions. A restriction indicator eliminates guesswork about when to change the air filter. Starting and battery charging systems are either 12 or 24 volt, depending on model.

* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.
  • Prime Power: 25 kVA
  • Generator Type: Airman
  • Engine: Isuzu, 4-cylinder, 33.3 HP, Tier 4 Final
  • Weight (dry/operating): 1,808/2,205 lbs.
  • Sound Level (no load @ 23 ft): 63 dBA
  • Run Time @ Full Load: 32.1 hr
  • Fuel Capacity: 51.5 gal.
PDF Version Arman SDG25S-8E1 Specifications