Manufacturer: GENERAC
Model: MMG100D
4 Hour: $650
Daily: $650
Generac MDG100D Generator
Generac MDG100D Generator
The MMG100D is built with the patented front flip-hood design for easy access to routine service and maintenance areas. Powered by a John Deere PowerTech engine the MMG100D utilizes a catalyzed exhaust filter that contains a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a Diesel Particulate Filter. The DOC reacts with exhaust gases to reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and some particulate matter(PM). The downstream DPF traps and holds the remaining PM, which are oxidized within. The MMG100D is equipped with the Generac|Magnum Power Zone digital controller.

  • White aluminum textured powder coat enclosure, sound attenuated baffles, and insulation to reduce noise, 68 dBA at prime
  • Fully lockable enclosure with stainless steel exterior hardware
  • Industrial strength steel skid frame and dual axle trailer
  • Voltage regulation is plus or minus ½%
  • 165 gallon fuel capacity standard for 24 hours of run time
  • Air filter condition indicator on control panel
  • Lockable enclosure to ensure access only when needed
  • Lockable lug box with safety switch ensures main breaker is tripped when door opened
  • Emergency stop switch located on outside of enclosure
  • Tie downs, central lifting point and fork pockets for safe, easy movement
* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.
  • John Deere® PE4045HFG92 turbocharged, diesel engine
  • Prime - 121 hp @ 1800 rpm
  • Standby - 133 hp @ 1800 rpm
  • 4 cylinder
  • 4.5 L displacement
  • Interim Tier IV approved
  • Steel, single wall fuel tank
  • 165 gal. (625 L) capacity
  • 24 hr. run time – full load
  • Fuel tank built into skid of generator set
  • Fuel consumption at prime: 100% - 6.2 gph (23.5 Lph) | 75% - 4.7 gph (17.8 Lph) | 50% - 3.1 gph (11.7 Lph)
  • Cooling system capable of operating at 120°F (49°C) ambient
  • Radiator and oil drains plumbed to exterior
  • Rubber vibration dampers isolate engine/generator from frame
  • Disposable air filter - paper element
  • 60 Hz engine/generator
  • Electronic isochronous governing
  • Marathon Electric®: Brushless | 4 pole | Class H insulation
  • Voltage regulation +/- 0.5% with Magnum PM600 Voltage Regulator
  • Remote start / stop contacts located in lug box
  • Lockable control box door with diagnostics window
  • Lockable lug box with safety switch: Trips main breaker when door is opened, Disables voltage regulator
  • Output ground connection lug inside lug box
  • 400A main breaker with shunt trip
  • Convenience receptacles with individual breakers (restricted use in high wye mode)
PDF Version Generac MMG100D Specifications
PDF Version Generac MMG100D Operators Manual
PDF Version Generac MMG100D Parts Manual