Manufacturer: JOHN DEERE
Model: 1026R
4 Hour: $225
Daily: $225
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In designing the 1026R, our engineers responded directly to customer feedback in every area increasing stability, improving ride comfort and broadening attachment options. The 1026R comes with a hydrostatic transmission, 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) and power steering as standard equipment. And when it comes to versatility, the 1026R really is like a Swiss Army Knife; small and compact in size, it’s designed to do multiple tasks and change quickly between tools and implements. When you look at all the features that come with a 1026R you realize that while it’s doing the heavy work, you’re just along for the ride!


  • Implement compounding improves efficiency
  • Open operator’s station is comfortable and convenient
  • Easy operation 4-wheel drive power steering
  • Hydrostatic (HST) transmission with Twin Touch™ foot controls
  • Powerful Interim Tier 4 (IT4)-compliant diesel engine and standard dual mid-selective control valve (SCV)
  • Durable, efficient, high-torque three-cylinder diesel engine
  • Fast and easy implement changeover


  • Engine Type: 3 Cylinder Diesel
  • Rated Engine (97/68/EC):
    18.5 KW (25.2 HP) 3200 rpm
  • Forward Speed: 14.6 km/h
  • Lift Capacity: 525 Kg at lift points
  • Hydraulic Flow: 24 l/min
  • Steering: Power Steering
  • Brakes: Wet Disc
John Deere 1026R Compact Utility Tractor

John Deere 1026R Compact Utility Tractor

PDF Version John Deere 1026R Specifications
PDF Version John Deere 1026R Parts Manual
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