Manufacturer: TORO
Model: MBTX2500
4 Hour: $175
Daily: $175
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MB TX 2500 Tracked Mud Buggy – With controls that are intuitive and easy to use, superior traction and maneuverability, high weight carrying capacity, and a powerful engine, the Toro Tracked Mud Buggy represents the ultimate in productivity and jobsite efficiency. The power, productivity, durability, ease-of-use and service-friendly design all add up to a better ROI.


  • Responsiveness of controls results in great maneuverability, particularly in confined areas.
  • High weight carrying capacity and the powerful engine rises to the challenge at even the most intimidating jobsites.
  • Large fuel tank capacity allows for all day productivity.
  • Ideal transport speed means getting the job done on time.


  • The traction controls are easy to learn, effortless to operate, smooth and responsive.
  • The unique dump switch is linked to the movement of the traction control and is always near the operator’s thumb for easy access.
  • Auto-return dump feature ensures the tub automatically returns to resting position so the operator can quickly focus on obtaining the next load of concrete.
  • Suspended, ride-on platform results in less operator fatigue, folds up for ease of trailering.


  • Fuel Capacity: 10 gallons
  • Engine: 25hp* Kohler Cofidant
  • Speeds: 6 mph forward, 3 mph reverse
  • Weight: 1,640 lbs.
  • Max Load Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • Tub Volume: 16 cu. ft.
  • Dimensions: 105.5″ L x 35.5″ W x 47.7″ H


  • Powerful and proven 25 hp* Kohler Confidant engine.
  • The machine and its components have been designed and tested to achieve a 2,500 lb carrying
    capacity, which improves durability and longevity.
  • Endless Kevlar® reinforced tracks ensure maximum strength and performance.


  • Belt, hydros and battery are all easily accessible.
  • Engine compartment is designed so routine
    maintenance can be accomplished efficiently.
  • Notably fewer hoses and fittings compared to
    other machines means less service time and cost.
* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.