Jetter Types & Uses


In case you haven’t yet added a jetter to your toolbox, here’s a breakdown of the basics to get you started. When cleaning drain lines, a water jetter is an excellent option for removing a clog completely. It is especially effective for removing grease and soft blockages. When cleaning out a root-infested line, a powerful nozzle can also help speed up the process.

There are several factors that determine which type of jetter is best for a job, mainly the type and size of the pipe being cleaned. Some options include:  

  • Electric-Powered Jetters – Jetters powered by electricity can be operated without ventilation and are generally lightweight. Although electric power limits the amount of pressure you can generate, these units are ideal for drains in sinks and tubs.
  • Portable Gas-Powered Jetters – Portable gas jetters can run at high psi and flow rates, but they are heavier and must be used outside because of their exhaust. Many drains are accessed from inside buildings, so detachable hose reels and remote controls enable gas-powered jetters to be kept outside while they work on a line inside. They are ideal for commercial and industrial use.  
  • Trailer/rack-Mounted Jetters – Jetters can be used on a wide range of lines at high pressures and high flow rates. Typically, they are used on mainline sewer drains. Jetters of this type require water reservoirs as a buffer against outpacing the water supply available on the job site. There is a new trend in the industry towards smaller sink jetters, despite not yet being standard. Due to their low pressure and flow, these generally only work on small sink lines. But they are convenient because they are easy to transport and might be a good option for your drain cleaning projects.

Whether the job is small or large, the jetting machine you select should be able to handle the task you have in mind. Using an electric jetter will be necessary if you are in a building and cannot leave the power unit outside. A gas-powered jetter could be used for drains that are outside or that can be accessed with a detachable hose reel. Taking the time up front to choose the right jetter for your project will save you time in the long run, increasing your productivity and efficiency.