Floor Grinder Use

Floor Grinding Machines

The perfect tool for leveling concrete floors, polishing them, and cleaning them is the floor grinder. To finish off rough surfaces and smooth rough edges, floor grinders use horizontal discs that rotate. A disk impregnated with diamond bits grinds the floors to the desired level of shine. If you are giving your house a facelift, you should learn how to use a floor grinder. Generally, there are two types of floor grinders. It is either a traditional large, bulky machine or the newer, smaller hand-held model. Although both have the same effect, each requires a different skill set. Handheld models are typically used for worktops, while traditional models are used for floors and patios.

Using A Grinder 

Floor grinders are used to remove a thin layer from the floor surface before polishing it. Additionally, the grinder will remove minor blemishes and stains. For the final finish, the number of polishes required varies, depending on the condition of the floor.

How to Use the Grinder

Dry and wet grinding are both possible with grinders. Diamond grits are cooled with water and the dust is expelled using the wet method. A solution of water will lubricate the polishing tools, reducing friction and extending their life; however, it will leave a greasy mess. In the dry method, the machine polishes the floor while special containers inside the grinder contain the dust. It is best to combine the two methods. Dry methods are used to remove any imperfections, while wet methods are used to create a mirror-like floor.

How to Prepare The Grinder

The grinder has two types of wheel settings. In the first case, the tool is being transported, while in the second case, it is being ground. Make sure that the grinder is set up correctly to start grinding at your workstation. Turn the motor on. Make sure that the polishing disks do not touch the ground. As soon as you feel the machine reach its maximum revs per minute, set the grinder on the ground. Turn the grinder from left to right.


Start the dry method. To avoid making swirls on the floor, move the machine from side to side without making circular motions. Grind the floor until all irregularities are removed and the floor is level. Examine the blocks to ensure even wear. Gradually replace the grinding blocks. While polishing the floor, use a coarser grinding block initially and a finer one later. Normally, the latter will have an 1800-grit to 350-grit grit. In general, the higher the number, the smoother the surface.

Completing the job

Remove the grinder from the area you just polished. Rinse the machine thoroughly with water. The polishing material will be difficult to clean if left to dry out. If any fragments remain on the ground, you will have to remove them the next day. A perfect polish can be achieved by cleaning the machine with pure water and mopping the floor. You will be amazed by how mirror-like the floor now looks after the work is done. The work will certainly be appreciated by family and friends.