Is Your Home/Business Fully Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Hurricane Preparedness

According to studies, the number of storms that reach Category 4 and 5 hurricane strength has virtually doubled in the last 35 years. The risk of major damage, if not disaster, for any commercial or industrial facility in the path of a storm, is extremely real. The checklist below identifies five crucial areas of storm readiness that are frequently overlooked and will assist you and your team in developing a speedier, more efficient response.


  • Open The Lines of Communication – Long before a hurricane or other disaster alert is issued, make sure your entire business is informed of and agrees on important choices, procedures, and implementations.
  • Conduct Rehearsals and Drills – Conduct regular plan reviews and stage tabletop rehearsals and mock disaster/spill drills with all employees to increase safety, ensure containment and minimize damage.
  • Test Emergency Response Equipment – Regular maintenance and testing should be considered the standard operating procedures to help eliminate equipment failure in the event of an emergency.
  • Update Personal Staff Circumstances – Be mindful of any changes in personal circumstances, such as a move to a new residence, family duties, or other potential conflicts, which could affect staff readiness, availability, and assistance.
  • Contact and Question Your Vendors Again – Confirm that major vendors have their own catastrophe contingency plans in place, and that their current management is familiar with yours.

When a storm hits, smart businesses prepare by putting emergency plans in place. It is easy to believe that everyone else is in the same boat after a huge storm, but this isn’t the reality. When a storm hits, some businesses will have emergency preparation plans in place, which includes obtaining an environmental response provider. Peace of mind comes with having a Standby Emergency Response Agreement (SERA) in place.

Make sure your company is safe in the aftermath of a hurricane.