Innovative Leaf Blower Uses

Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are intended to blow leaves, right? In our driveways and gardens, they do an amazing job of clearing away the ever-growing pile of crunchy, orange autumn leaves. Leaf blowers can help you with a wide variety of other chores around the house and garden. Here are some innovative ways you can use them. 

  • Gutter Cleaning – The falling rain water can cause all kinds of problems if the gutters are clogged with dirt. In some cases, you may even experience flooding and property damage. In addition, rain water can accumulate and form icicles over the winter months, causing your gutters to break. Using a leaf blower for gutter cleaning on your property is an easy and effective way to keep clean without having to get your hands dirty. There are some leaf blowers that also come with gutter cleaners. A leaf blower will help you quickly and easily clean your gutters. 
  • Using It As A Car Dryer – Generally, drive-through car washes use massive blowers to dry your car as you leave the car wash. Try doing this at home, after your car has been washed, with the leaf blower to avoid dirty spots that may occur naturally. If you want to make sure your car is completely dry, make sure you get into all of its dark corners. 
  • Wire threading – Try tying a weight to a wire and using your leaf blower to blow the wire through pipes if you need to get it into tight spots or through pipes. This saves a lot of time and frustration when threading wire through long lengths of piping.
  • Clean Your Lawn Equipment – It is inevitable that your lawn mower will become clogged after mowing the lawn. Instead of letting the grass clippings build up, blow them out of your lawn mower. After cleaning the lawn mower, use a hose to thoroughly rinse it off. Leave your lawn mower looking good as new by drying it off with your leaf blower. Your leaf blower can also be used to dry your strimmer, just as you did with your lawnmower.
  • Clear Pathways – You will probably get dirt on the pathways of your garden if you just planted stunning flower arrangements. Simply blow the compost off the path to save time and effort. In the same way, if you just mowed the lawn, blow excess grass cuttings off your path rather than brushing them all down.