Manufacturer: SECON
Model: 2400SM
4 Hour: $125
Daily: $175
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Locate blockage and backup in pipes with the SECON 2400SM sewer camera.  The color camera head, made with aircraft grade aluminum, is fully submersible and provides a viewing angle of up to 100 degrees. Identify problems in hard to reach pipes that are underground, in walls, encased in concrete or beneath a foundation.

The camera snake is equipped with bright white LED lights to illuminate the inside of the pipes and reveal any number of problems including blockage, cracks, leaks, corrosion, mis-alignment and tree root intrusion, which allows you to accurately diagnose problems and identify solutions.  Limit demolition by identifying the location and type of defect to be corrected.  Once repairs are made, the sewer camera can be inserted again to demonstrate the work that has been completed for customers and provide assurance that the issue has been corrected.


  • 1.29: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Camera Head
  • 200 ft. of 1/2″ Imperial Sewer Camera Pushrod (one of the most durable in its class)
  • High Color Resolution and Crisp Clear Display
  • Transmits up to 15′ Deep
  • Pelican Style Water Tight Monitor and Control Case
  • Side Mount Design Allows for Operation and Transport in Upright Position or Flat on Side


  • Camera: Standard Color
  • Viewing Angle: Up to 100 degrees
  • Illumination: 10 Bright White LED Lights
  • Power: Electric 120V
  • Transmitter: 512hz Built In Sonde
  • Monitor: 7″ Color LCD
  • Cable: 200 ft. x 1/2 in. diameter
  • Frame: Heavy Duty Powder Coated.
  • Pushrod Cage: 10 Spoke Cadmium Dipped
Pro Jet J/D4040HG Drain Jetter

SECON 2400SM Sewer Camera

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