Manufacturer: ELECTRIC EEL
Model: eCam Ace
4 Hour: $125
Daily: $175
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The eCam Ace camera snake by ELECTRIC EEL, with flexible camera spring, is designed to detect blockage and defects in lines measuring from 3 in. P-traps to 10 in. pipes. Locate a variety of problems including tree roots, cracks, leaks, misaligned pipes, corrosion and other blockage. Prevent costly demolition by more accurately identifying the location and type of defect with a camera snake before repairs begin.

The eCam Ace 1.43 in. color camera is housed in stainless steel and includes a Sapphire lens with a 20 LED light ring and auto-iris to adjust lighting automatically and illuminate pipes. The rugged and portable steel frame includes wheels for easy transport and maneuverability. Inspect difficult to reach pipes located in walls, foundations or underground.  Provide images of pipes to customers to demonstrate defects and again after repairs are completed to provide assurance.


  • 1.29: Stainless Steel Housed Camera Head
  • 125 ft. of Premium 1/2″ Diameter Pushrod
  • LCD Monitor w/ AR Film for Optimal Viewing in Sunlight
  • Flexible Camera Spring
  • Auto Iris Adjusts Lighting Automatically
  • Wheels for Easy Transport


  • Camera: 1.43 in. Color Camera
  • Illumination: 20 LED Light Ring
  • Power: Electric 120V
  • Transmitter: 512hz Sonde
  • Monitor: 5.4″ LCD
  • Cable: 125 ft. x 1/2 in. diameter
  • Frame: Powder Coated Steel Frame
Pro Jet J/D4040HG Drain Jetter

ELECTRIC EEL eCam Ace Sewer Camera

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