Manufacturer: HUSQVARNA
Model: 145BT
4 Hour: $23
Daily: $38
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Husqvarna 145BT Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 145BT Backpack Blower

The Husqvarna 145BT backpack blower is lightweight, not too loud, and packs a good deal of power. The 40 cc engine offers 2.7 hp. This blower moves air at 311 cfm and air speed of 175 mph at the tube. The sound level per ANSI B175.2 standards is 75 dB(A), so make sure to wear your ear protection. The high velocity of air flow allows the operator to quickly handle leaves, grass, and other debris. The ergonomic design of the 145BT is focused on comfort. The padded backing, hip pad, and backpack straps make this 19.4 pound blower a breeze to handle. The two cycle engine starts easily due to the handy air purge, and the RPMs are controlled via a trigger throttle mounted on the tube. The large 1.6 liter see through fuel tank will allow the operator to spend more time moving debris, and less time refilling the tank. These high power backpack blowers feature high-velocity air flow to make short work of leaves, grass clippings and other debris. The double shoulder harness and hip pad reduces stress on shoulders and back.

The 145BT is a mid-range offering from the Husqvarna line of blowers. Landowners and homeowners alike will respect its power and be thankful for the quick work it makes on the autumn leaf fall. Professionals may find the 145BT to be a good fit, if they have average usage requirements. Pros that put their equipment to the test may want to consider a higher end model.

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