How are Demolition Hammers and Rotary Hammers Different?

Hilti TE-700 AVR Demolition Hammer

Ideally, you would be able to use a power tool for multiple tasks. It is possible to accomplish the same tasks with either a demolition hammer or a rotary hammer. However, each tool comes with its own set of benefits exclusive to it. Before choosing a tool, you’ll need to know what those benefits are. Now let’s look at what you’ll be able to do with each one.

You can use a demolition hammer to pound into materials using a chisel. The rotary hammer can also be used with a chisel to pound into materials. Using either tool, you’ll be able to chip away at materials like plaster, mud beds, tile, and concrete.

Rotary Hammer Benefits 

For the average consumer, it makes more sense to invest in a quality rotary hammer first. In addition to the fact that rotary hammers have extra modes, they are cordless, making them the preferred option.

Rotating hammers use pistons driven by crankshafts to pound metal. When the piston moves forward, it creates air pressure, and it is this air pressure that drives the hammer mechanism. The impact energy provided by rotating hammers is greater than that of hammer drills. Their durability makes them the preferred tool for professionals. Additionally, they can almost work as a mini jackhammer since they have three settings: drill mode, hammer drill, and hammer only. Hardened concrete is no match for rotary hammers. The rotary hammer can also be fitted with all sorts of attachments.

Demolition Hammer Benefits

Demolition hammers are extremely powerful balanced tools with variable speed dials and double the length compared to rotary hammers. Besides being able to handle tougher jobs, the demolition hammer will also be able to handle normal ones much faster. The demolition hammer is a heavy-duty hammer that is ideal for breaking and tearing down heavy structures. This tool is made for hammering operations only, such as chipping or breaking walls for demolition. Although they look similar, demolition hammers are much bigger than rotary hammers. It can sometimes reach twice the length of a normal rotary hammer. Despite having a design to help avoid you being hit by chips, it is advisable to wear a protective coat when using it.

This tool is used primarily for construction since it has high hammering power compared to rotary hammers.  A smaller demolition hammer is ideal for carrying out basic daily demolition tasks. Demolition hammers help you to finish projects more quickly. Some of them come with dials that allow you to change the speed.