Benefits of Core Hole Drilling

Core Drill

The benefits of core hole drilling are numerous. Core hole drilling is one of the most versatile and useful methods of cutting through concrete. It is possible to drill deep, wide, or in any irregular shape into concrete, steel, or stone using core drilling. Core drills, however, have the unique characteristic of operating almost silently, causing little to no disturbance to nearby structures.

Different tools are used to cut and remove hardened concrete when cutting concrete. Concrete saws come in a variety of types, from hand-held to wire and road. Sanders, grinders, and polishers are also available. Core drills are more or less the same in process, although the width and length of drill bits are different.

  • Cutting Depth – As deep as 700mm can be drilled with most core drills. Dedicated core drills are capable of drilling even deeper. Cutting concrete with a saw cannot reach such depths. When concrete slabs are very thick, concrete drilling is the preferred method. It is possible to cut thick concrete into any shape by stitch drilling successive holes together.
  • Trueness of Cutting – One setup is all it takes to cut a perfectly round hole with a core drill. Most commonly, holes up to the width of a manhole are cut, with holes larger than this certainly possible. The core drill is mounted only once and continues drilling until the hole is drilled. With core drilling, the size of the hole can be determined accurately, so fitting pipes, windows, or any other cylindrical object becomes easier.
  • Minimal Disruption – The drilling process causes minimal vibration. By using this method, a minimal amount of disturbance to surrounding areas is caused, and any structural damage that might result from using other methods, such as jackhammers, is minimized. Concrete dust is suppressed by applying water to the cutting surface to keep it cool.

The advantages of core drilling are many, and it is a very useful way of cutting concrete. When you need a true, deep or perfectly round hole cut into a concrete slab, this is your best option. Rentalex can assist you in choosing the right construction tool equipment by calling (813)971-9990.