Why Use A Drywall Panel Lift For Your Next Project?

Drywall Panel Lift

Having trouble lifting and securing drywall on ceilings and upper walls alone? You’re not alone. Having a reliable, secure, and easy to use tool as a trusted helper is always important. Lucky for you, just such a piece of equipment exists, and they’re called panel lifts.

How Does A Panel Lift Work?

The drywall panel lifts are designed to hold 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 12′ sheets of drywall securely during fastening. Even though this method of installing drywall is not the fastest, it does allow a single person to accomplish a job that normally requires two people. A drywall panel lift resembles a large easel, with a hand crank that raises and lowers the sheet of drywall to the desired height. Furthermore, they typically include wheels at the base that allow you to adjust the panel’s position once it’s raised.

The Benefits of Drywall Panel Lifts

  1. It is possible for you to do the job on your own – Whether you’re a contractor that works alone or a do-it-yourselfer, having a panel lift at your side is an absolute must. While certainly slower than having a human assistant, they’re the next best thing if you don’t have that option. If speed is of concern, you can upgrade to a model with hydraulic, chain-driven lifting systems. It is easy and fast to finish an entire ceiling all by yourself!
  2. Despite their size, they’re very portable – Most panel lift models can be easily broken down into 2–3 parts when fully assembled. They can be easily transported to the jobsite in the back of a truck or even in the trunk of a midsize car.
  3. You can use them for walls and ceilings – Many people believe panel lifts are only for ceiling installations, but this is not true. Similarly, they can be used on upper wall sheets as well as angled sections. The cradle can be tilted laterally (usually up to 65 degrees) for easy installation on walls and sloped ceilings. It can be tilted longitudinally for maximum flexibility.
  4. They reduce strains and injuries – A panel lift won’t get tired or lose its grip over time, unlike a human assistant. Additionally, they relieve the stress and strain on the body that comes with a long day of manual labor. Using a panel lift will benefit your arms and lower back.

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