Which Lift Should I Rent, A Boom Lift or A Scissor Lift?

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Building and maintenance projects are often located in difficult-to-reach or high-up locations. It’s not enough to use a ladder to reach a work area where you have a lot to do. The platform you choose should keep you safe as you do the work. Although boom lifts and scissor lifts can both help you reach elevated areas, their capabilities are very different. Before choosing a scissor lift or boom lift for your project, it is crucial to understand the differences between them.

How Does a Boom Lift Work?

Boom lifts elevate a worker in a bucket or on a compact platform. Man lifts and cherry pickers are also known as boom lifts. These machines are equipped with mechanical lifts and a grounded base. Telescopic boom lifts and articulated boom lifts are the two primary categories of boom lifts. The boom of a telescopic lift has long straight arms. The lift arm is mounted in an angle relative to the lift’s base, which allows it to reach over lower obstacles, but it has limited flexibility. While the base rotates, the arm itself is always straight. An impressive reach is offered by telescopic boom lifts, which can reach up to 180 feet.

A boom lift with articulating arms, also known as a knuckle boom, has jointed arms. Because the arms can bend at one or more points, the lift has greater flexibility in its reach. A boom lift with an articulating arm is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach places, since the arm can be extended up, away, or into tight spaces. Typically, they have a shorter reach than telescopic lifts, usually about 150 feet.

How Do Scissor Lifts Work?

Scissor lifts have large flat platforms supported by criss crossing braces attached to each other. The platform is raised by these braces pulling together. The limitations of scissor lifts come from the fact that they move vertically, so they must sit directly beneath the area workers are trying to reach. In order for the project to be accessible by those on the scissor lift, the base of the lift must rest on flat, stable ground directly beside the workspace. Generally, scissor lifts reach heights of about 40 feet.

What Direction Are You Moving?

It’s important to consider the direction of movement when choosing between a scissor lift and a boom lift. A boom lift is necessary if the worker needs to reach a spot which is both high and over. These are perfect for plumbing or electrical repairs in hard-to-reach places. A scissor lift may be sufficient for workers moving straight up. This is a common choice for window or siding installation, cleaning, and repairs.

How high do you have to go?

Your project’s height should be considered. Your workers can only be raised 40 feet in a scissor lift. Fortunately, this is enough to perform most residential and indoor construction projects. If you’re trimming towering trees or working on a high-rise building, 40 feet may not be enough. An articulated or telescopic boom lift can reach greater distances than ever before. You should choose one of these if you need to lift heavy objects.

Does the Job Involve Many People?

Typically, boom lifts can only accommodate one person on the platform. They’re recommended for jobs where only one highly-skilled worker is needed for a task. Whenever you need to lift more than one person, and you can access the jobsite with a scissor lift, this is the most effective option. You can navigate rougher construction sites with scissor lifts designed for rugged terrain. Their platforms are significantly larger. If you need to move a large team to work on tasks like painting or major repairs, this equipment can hold several workers.

Where are you at with your budget?

There is no question that boom lifts are the most expensive option. Scissor lift rentals are significantly less expensive. Boom lifts offer more functionality, but they can also be more difficult to use, especially articulating boom lifts. A scissor lift can help you save money if your project can be accessed with either option. Whether you need a boom lift or a scissor lift, boom lifts and scissor lift rentals can help you reach inaccessible sites. You can handle any job efficiently with the right tools on hand.

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