What Do Air Scrubbers Do?

HEPA Air Scrubber

A portable air scrubber is a filtration system that captures airborne particles and improves the quality of the air. A lack of proper air cleaning can eventually result in worker health issues, lowered job quality, and higher remediation costs, which is why having an air scrubber is so important.

These units are designed to be easily moved by one operator. There are a variety of air scrubbers, most of which have a short length and a small footprint. They’re a necessary part of maintaining air quality at hospitals, construction sites, universities, and more. Air scrubbers have motors and blowers that run at high rpms, as well as upright cabinet designs. Despite the differences between each air scrubber unit, all units take the same approach.

As the air in a space is circulated through the system, air scrubbers use purification filters to remove contaminants. In addition to removing the contaminated air several times every hour, the scrubber also pumps in fresh, clean air. A HEPA filter can remove a greater amount of particles than a regular filter. HEPA filters can capture dust, mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, and other small particles. Air scrubbers provide a clean, healthy and productive environment by continuously cleaning the air.

Air scrubbers are needed by a number of industries to improve indoor air quality. A filtration system is the best way of removing these airborne particles if you work or reside in a space that lacks clean, healthy air. To revitalize your site after it has suffered damage, you will need to rent drying equipment, restoration equipment, and air pollution units. Below we provide a list of some of the most common situations in which air scrubbers are important:

Water Damage – If water damage occurs, you will probably need a series of water damage dehumidifier rentals and air scrubbers in order to eliminate humidity, airborne bacteria, and other irritants. The longer water sits in your space, the more likely you are to see mold spores, which is why an air filtration system becomes important.

Mold – Mold grows in areas where there is a high level of humidity. If mold problems aren’t addressed properly, they can affect not only the structure of your building but your health as well. The toxic substances produced by mold can attack cells in your body, causing more serious health issues to develop. Buildings with toxic mold and bacteria problems cause sick building syndrome, causing health problems for those who live or work there.

Hospital Facilities – The HVAC systems in hospitals and health centers can suffer from sick building syndrome if they aren’t properly maintained. During times of emergency, it’s especially vital to provide emergency heating rentals at hospitals in order to prevent the building and the patients from being exposed to airborne toxins. Air scrubbers are the perfect rental option if there are issues with air quality in the facility.

Construction Projects – Construction sites and demolition projects can be challenging for workers due to dust, chemical fumes, toxic gases, sewer damage, and more. HEPA filters are ideal for these situations, as they can capture contaminants so on-site workers can perform their tasks safely.

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