What are Telescopic Boom Lifts?


Telescopic booms are a hybrid between a forklift and a small crane. These machines are similar to forklifts, but they also have a boom attached to them that can extend upwards and outwards. When horizontal reach is necessary, telescopic boom lifts can be used. They are suitable for working areas with limited access and space.

With telescopic boom lifts, the mast extends out straight, through one or more boom sections, so you can directly reach overhead work sites. Utilizing this design allows you to fully take advantage of the boom’s horizontal reach. A telescopic boom lift requires more space to operate than articulating booms, including plenty of space around the machine’s chassis to maneuver. 

Benefits of Telescopic Boom Lifts

  • A telescopic model is better at getting people and materials into place and holding them in place. Because these lifts have a minimal amount of tail swing, they can be moved into tight spaces. Telescopic booms can also be used inside when the equipment has an LPG option. They have a working height of more than 150 feet and a horizontal reach of more than 80 feet. A typical lift capacity ranges between 500 and 1100 pounds depending on the model and manufacturer.

    Straight boom lifts are able to reach higher than articulating boom lifts, meaning they provide a high height as well as a large outreach for remote access work, such as when terrain restricts close access. Compact and portable, they are easy to transport from site to site.
  • Telescopic boom lifts are ideal for applications that require reaching high, such as multistory buildings, or reaching far out at a lower level, such as under bridges. Industries that use telescopic booms include those requiring workers to work on roofs or to lift equipment to higher places, such as those that stack items. Telescopic booms are also used in aviation, industrial, and construction applications.
  • In addition to turning and reaching comfortably, a telescopic model is more productive on job sites. The straight lifts can also be used on rough terrain. Utilizing a telescopic boom lift will increase the speed and productivity of your business.