The Best Ways to Store Heavy Equipment

Construction Tools

Sometimes, heavy equipment needs to be stored for several months or even years. Whether you’re not using your machines for the entire winter or for a few months, there are steps you should take to protect them and prevent damage. Learn how to store heavy equipment properly.

  1. Make sure your storage area is ready – If you want to keep your machines safe, you should store them in a fully enclosed structure, such as a garage, barn, or warehouse. Ensure the space is insulated, clean, dry, and free of pests and animals. To prevent your tracked construction equipment from damaging the flooring, you should also use a protective floor mat. Use a heavy duty tarp to cover your machines. This will help keep moisture out and prevent rusting.
  2. Grease and clean equipment before storing it – You should clean your machine’s exterior and interior before storing it for a long period of time. Once you remove dirt and debris from moving parts and apply lubricant, it will be clean and ready to work when you start it again. To learn how to lubricate the moving parts of your equipment, consult the owner’s manual.
  3. Fill up your fuel and oil tanks – If you have fuel and oil tanks, you do not want condensation to build up. Both should be topped off before storage to prevent moisture accumulation, which can lead to costly problems later on. Additionally, you should add fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank to prevent fuel degradation.
  4. Inspect tire pressure – Before storing heavy equipment for the season or long-term, make sure all tires are free of damage or leaks. Especially if your machines will sit on concrete, it is a good idea to slightly over-inflate your tires during storage to prevent flat spots. You can find the correct tire pressure in your owner’s manual.
  5. Make repairs before storing – Before storing your construction equipment, you should perform any repairs and maintenance. Once your equipment sits unattended for months, small problems can worsen into major issues. When you have them inspected and serviced before storing them, you will avoid expensive repairs when you begin using them again.

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