Safety Protocols & Potential Hazards

Boomlift Safety Tips

Operators and workers are lifted high above the ground by a lift. The OSHA recognizes falls as one of the fatal four accidents in construction. Working at heights should be taken seriously, and workers should never become too comfortable working off the ground. Similarly to any heavy equipment, boom machines pose potential hazards and should be handled carefully. You should never use a boom lift unless it is safe to do so, and you should wear a safety harness at all times. In addition to falling, boom lifts have a few common hazards. Electricity, tipping, pinning, and dropping are some of them.

Boom Lift Tipping Dangers

The center of gravity is thrown off when a machine raises material into the air. Material and people can be lifted up with boom lifts, which are incredibly stable machines. In spite of this, they are not impervious to tipping. Make sure the terrain is solid before beginning work on the job site to prevent tipping a boom lift. The operator can be knocked off the machine if the wheels become stuck or sink. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and never exceed the maximum weight and range of a boom lift.

The Risks of Being Crushed by a Boom Lift

Boom lifts are designed to take operators to new heights, but there are new obstacles in the rafters. Overhead beams, moving against walls, and working beneath ceilings can all provide a pinching threat. Always keep your arms and legs inside the safety bars to avoid pinching. Move the bucket slowly and never along.

Dropped Objects on a Boom Lift Can Be Dangerous

When operating at a height, it is your obligation to ensure the safety of individuals below you. A hammer dropped from above might cause catastrophic harm to individuals beneath a boom lift platform. When operating at heights, carefully secure equipment and supplies to avoid hurting anyone below. Use all available safety features and tools, and do not skip tasks to “save time.” Always prioritize safety.

The Dangers of Using Electricity on Boom Lifts

Working at heights sometimes entails working on electrical projects or near live wires. Electricity is both quiet and lethal. Electric workers are aware of the risks, but people who are not used to working around electricity may ignore or be unaware of them. Analyze the position of electric wires in advance by reviewing site designs. Always handle wires with care.