Manufacturer: IMT TOOLS
Model: IMT-A200
4 Hour: $15
Daily: $15
IMT 10" Glass Suction Cup Vacuum Glass Lifter with Metal Handle and Brass Pump, Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifter for Granite and glass lifting window replacement, 265 lbs load capacity with free carrying case. The A200 hand-held suction cup has an all metal handle and brass pump for durability, together with a 10” large flat vacuum pad. Perfect for use on large flat glass surfaces, or in factories and warehouses on rigid materials or appliances. This glass lifter can be securely attached to a load using just one hand with its convenient thumb pump mechanism. It also makes lifting items easier and safer when working on steps, scaffolding or ladders.

  • 10'' in diameter heavy duty vacuum lifting plates. Fast attachment on flat, clean, smooth, nonporous surfaces. Excellent for lifting and moving materials like glass, aquarium, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, stone slabs, and appliances. Load capacity is 190lb-760lb(maximum)
  • Made with Powerful and Eco-friendly Materials: The glass suction cup pad is made with durable, odorless, extra strength rubber and the all metal handle for a strong and ergonomic grip. the unique brass plunger is more durable than plastic and aluminum one.
  • Safe Indicator: The Red-Line Indicator Warns User of Any Vacuum Loss. When it shows less than 100% vacuum left, simply pump the plunger until you reach the original vacuum pressure without removing the cup from the glass.
  • Simple to Use: Pump the plunger just a few strokes, the cup will attach the surface completely and hold suction for more than 6 hours. Release Valve Lever Permits Quick and Complete Release.
  • Premium Quality with Excellent Customer Service: The non-slip pump-activated glass lifter has been approved with CE, SGS, RoHS, PAHS certifications.
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