Manufacturer: HIRETECH
Model: HTF2
4 Hour: $41
Daily: $41
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The HTF is a powerful, finely balanced orbital floor sander for the sanding and refinishing of all types of wood flooring, including pre-finished parquet, plank and laminate flooring systems. The HTF is also ideal for screen and re-coat work of stained floors and manufactured lacquered floors where the integrity of the stain or finish must be maintained, and for effective sanding of many types of pressure treated decks. It is  specifically designed for sanding and refinishing all types of level wood floors in good condition and sanding between coats of varnish where a high standard of final finish is required.


  • Power Supply:
    220/250V 50/60Hz
    110/120V 50/60Hz
  • Off Load Current:
    220/250V = 5A
    10/120V = 8A
  • Load Current (Average):
    220/250V = 8A
    110/120V = 15A
  • Noise: 95 dBa at 1m
  • Vibration: 8.89m/s2 r.m.s
  • Dimensions: 445mm x 700mm x
  • Weight Net: 43.0kg (94.8lbs)
  • Motor RPM: 10,000
  • Drum Off Load: 3,000
  • Motor: Continuous heavy duty AC/DC self cooling four brush.
  • Switch: Bias Off, double pole with power on indicator light.
  • Sanding Pad: 400mm (15.75″) x 115mm (4.5″) MDF back with nylon hook face.
  • Drive: Non-slip toothed timing belt with toughened steel pinion and drive gear.
  • Dust Pick-up: Seated oversize vacuum fan, disposable paper dust bags or cloth bag.
  • Abrasive: 400mm (15.75″) x 115mm (4.5″) adhesive backed aluminium oxide sheet recommended abrasive range 40 to 180 grit.
  • Power Cable Length: 7m (23′) Non-marking outer insulation.
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