Manufacturer: HUSQVARNA
Model: K-40
4 Hour: $44
Daily: $71
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In the construction industry, in engineering and especially in ship yards, compressed air is often used as the power source. And while an air-powered Husqvarna is a natural choice indoors, it is also a valuable option outdoors in places where the air-change rate is low, such as in pipeline trenches, in deep foundation sites and on marine docks. The K40 are powerful, highly robust and reliable industrial power cutters. Their design is based on the Husqvarna concept for ergonomics, safety and efficiency. Being pneumatic-powered makes the K40 perfect tools for indoor use, or for outdoor work where there is a supply of compressed air.


  • Wet or dry cutting, blade sold separately
  • Designed for asphalt and general concrete cutting
  • Perfect for gas/water/sewer maintenance, indoor/refurbishment work, prefab factory, and mining maintenance
  • Automatic, built-in mist lubrication on air-hose ensures proper lubrication of the air motor
  • Twist-and-lock couplings for the air hose for fast and easy connection
  • Reversing the cutting arm with just a few simple operations allows you to get the blade as close to the wall or floor as possible
  • With the handle placed in the middle between the air motor and the cutting attachment, the K40 will achieve an almost horizontal balance ensuring optimized control and handling of the machine.
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