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Niftylift TD34TN Access Platform
Niftylift TD34T Access Platform
The Niftylift TD34T access platform offers an impressive working envelope from a compact base with outstanding traction. Its weight-saving design means that site to site transportation is more economical and the TD34T access platform is also more efficient, allowing it to work for longer while using less fuel. Also available are rubber-free urethane tracks, the TD34T access platform is ideal for internal or clean applications, increasing the number of locations that the TD34T access platform can work, greatly improving its utilization.

  • Excellent Traction: Better grip on uneven terrain
  • Weight Saving Design: Lower cost transportation & better fuel economy on site
  • Non-Marking Tracks Option: Rubber-free tracks available for indoor usage
  • Fully Proportional Hydraulic Controls: Simple, reliable & easy to maintain
  • Variable Width Tracks: Access through 2ft 6in openings
Working Height 40ft 40ft
Working Outreach 20ft 20ft
Platform Height 33ft 6in 33ft 6in
Machine Width 3ft 7in 3ft 9in
Machine Height 6ft 3in 6ft 5in
Machine Length 13ft 13ft 1in
Working Width 11ft 8in 9ft 10in
Travel Speed 1mph 1mph
Gradeability 60% / 31° 60% / 31°
Minimum Weight 4080lbs 3990lbs
Safe Working Load 500lbs 500lbs
Basket Width 3ft 7in 3ft 7in
Basket Depth 2ft 2in 2ft 2in
Maximum Slope 13% / 7.6° 13% / 7.2°
Power Options Diesel & Mains Diesel only (Kubota 722 - 18hp)
PDF Version Nifty TD34T Specifications
PDF Version Nifty TD34TN Specifications
PDF Version Nifty TD34T Operator's Manual
PDF Version Nifty TD34T Parts Manual

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