Prepare Your Equipment For The Summer

Every season, whether winter or summer, the first step in preparing your fleet for a busy time is making sure that it’s well-maintained. If you’re just now taking your equipment out of storage for the first time this year, then there are a few easy steps you can take to get everything running smoothly and ensure that all your machines will be ready when they’re needed again.

First, check your equipment’s oil level and change it if necessary. You should also have a routine maintenance plan in place for this: whether that means checking the oil every 100 hours or changing the coolant filter monthly. If you are not sure how often to check these levels, look up what your manufacturer recommends online. Furthermore, this may be a good time to flush the system and replace coolant. Check for impurities by performing pressure test; check that hoses are in good working order.

You may think that overinflating your tires is a quick way to get more traction, but it will be the opposite. Over inflating the tires of your equipment can cause them to swell and create dangerous amounts of pressure making you susceptible for blowouts while driving on bumpy areas. You should spend some time at the beginning of each season checking the tire PSI according manufacturers guidelines. This will give you room for expansion without compromising performance by wearing down tread not only faster but also unevenly which could lead to accidents or worse yet, blowing out during high speed!

The heat can be a battery’s worst enemy. When the temperature rises, electrolytes inside lead-acid batteries evaporate and dry up as well. This decreases performance in summer environments where cooling is not an option due to lack of air conditioning or fans at home or work space. Even if this season goes smoothly for you, a weakened battery can leave you stranded.

Take some time this season to get your equipment in good shape for the harsh summer months ahead. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by removing mud, dirt and other debris from vital parts of your equipment that could otherwise lead to disaster if left unchecked like air conditioners or engines. By making sure these cool surfaces stay clean, it’s easier for them not only survive but also work at their most efficient levels when needed!

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