Inquiries to Make When Renting a Wheel Loader

Wacker Neuson WL50 Wheel Loader

There are several circumstances where renting a wheel loader is preferable to purchasing one. If you just need it for one or two projects, or if you can’t afford the price of purchasing one, renting one is the best option. It can also be a safer alternative. Having said that, you want to acquire something that you can truly utilize without feeling like you’re being taken advantage of.

What Are Your Rental Rates? This may sound apparent, but inquiring about cost should be high on your priority list. This should contain information on initial costs, further charges, ongoing payments, and return charges.

What is your billing process? Get this issue worked out before the first payment is made. You don’t want any unpleasant shocks that might result in late fines.

Who is in charge of repairs? You should be extremely clear not just on who will fix anything that breaks, but also on who will pay for it and how it will go to the repair shop. Also, perform a complete check of your wheel loader ahead of time, noting any scratches, dents, or other issues to avoid liability for damage you did not cause. 

What is your procedure for altering lease terms? Even if you never use it, this is useful information to have. This might include extending or reducing the lease period, renting more equipment from the same rental store, or anything else. Of course, if this type of situation arises, it’s also a good idea to contact the renter right away and discuss your choices.

What type of training do my operators require, and what do you offer? If you’ve never used a wheel loader before, or even if you’ve dealt with heavy equipment previously, you should inquire about operator training for yourself or your employees. Because the renter owns the equipment, they may have training programs in place (or locations where you may attend) to guarantee the equipment is utilized properly and safely.