How to Choose The Right Aerial Lift

If you’re a contractor, it’s not rare to find yourself working at heights. It is important that lifting both people and materials be done safely with the variety of man lifts available. From articulating boom lifts to platform man lift, how do you decide? Which type of aerial or mobile workstation will best suit your needs for this particular job?

The very first question you should ask your contractor is where they will be operating the lift. Different types of lifts are graded for different locations. If most of your project takes place outdoors, avoid using certain kinds such as scissor lifts which work best in interior spaces and not on uneven terrain that may cause instability or a low wind speed capacity; rough terrains scissor lifts can help with outdoor projects when up-and-down movement needs to happen quickly but other than that it might be better to stick with traditional equipment if more stability is needed inside buildings like factories. If you are operating a lift inside, inquire specifically about electric lifts. Operating these gas-powered machines indoors with low ventilation is dangerous and can lead to fire or explosion.

Scissor and boom lifts come in two main varieties: the scissor lift for up-down operations, or the articulating type that provides a forward reach. Scissor lifts are popular for painting and ceiling work since they can fit into tight spaces with their wide base platform. The articulating design gives this type of booms more versatility than just going back and forth though; these kinds will be great at reaching around corners or over beams if needed by turning partway round themselves so you don’t end up needing another person’s help either way!

Aerial Work Platforms

Getting the right manlift for a given job is key. Not only does it have to be able to reach its desired height, but there’s also concern about how wide of an area that can cover. The range refers specifically to horizontal space achieved by telescopic boom lifts and if you’re not careful with this when looking at which lift would work best, things could get tricky down the road!

If you aren’t sure about max weight and reach capacity, Rentalex team is here to help answer your questions and provide direction for which man lift rental is best for you. When setting up a drywall or other material project with the machine make sure that it will be big enough not only by height but also width so as not to limit what can be lifted on top of the platform. The second point in this question is how much weight each type of machinery has before selecting one model over another.

Lifts are a valuable tool for any job site, but their size can make or break the situation. Keep in mind that lifts come with many different capacities and limitations which may not be compatible to your current project at hand. When considering what type of lift you need, it’s important to consider all aspects such as weight restrictions on an overhead crane, height clearance over obstacles like cables and beams etc.

Rentalex makes it easy to rent the perfect equipment for your job, no matter how big or small. Speak with an experienced rental associate about what you need and they’ll help you choose a lift that’s right for your situation – Call (813)971-9900 now!

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