Articulating Boom Lifts: Pros and Cons

Aerial work platforms will help you stay safe no matter what industry you work in. If you’re regularly lifted to heights as part of your job, an aerial platform will make your life easier. If you have to fix a power line or wash windows on a high building, for example, articulating boom lifts are a great choice. 

Do you and your team need heavy-duty equipment? We provide you with an overview of what you need to know about articulating boom lifts, including their advantages and drawbacks. We also explain which models are the safest and most reliable ones on the market.

An aerial work platform (AWP) with articulated boom sections, or “knuckle booms”, can reach and access areas where obstacles or barriers create a challenge. Jointed boom sleeves are designed to reach up and around structures inaccessible to straight-stick equipment. As a result, articulating boom lifts are ideal for working in narrow spaces and indoors. 

You can use these pros to determine if an articulating boom lift is the right equipment for your job site.

  • Maneuverability. Different sections of an articulating boom can be moved independently. Operators can move the basket around obstacles and reach the exact spot they need, especially in areas normally out of reach.
  • Work well indoors. Some AWPs are not suitable for indoor use. However, because articulating boom lifts offer so much control, they’re ideal for using indoors, especially in tight working spaces, like the inside of a sports stadium or airplane hanger.
  • Easily reaches maximum heights. Some AWPs can reach higher heights than others. 

If you’re looking for an articulating boom lift for your worksite, safety should be the most important factor.

Rentalex is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our customers. We can help you whether you’re looking for an articulating boom lift to buy or rent or simply need repair or training. You can contact us at (813)971-9990 for more information, and we’ll make sure that your workers and you are protected on the job.

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