Aerial Lifts Have Both Commercial and Private Applications

Aerial lifts

When it comes to completing work at a height, aerial lifts are an excellent option. You can not only get to high locations, but you can also do it safely and with the tools and equipment you need. The best part is that you have a variety of lifts to choose from. The various forms allow you to do various activities where a ladder would be inefficient.

If you do not have the financial means to acquire an aerial lift, you should know that rentals are available. This is true whether you are a homeowner looking to hire a man lift or a contractor looking to rent a telescopic boom lift. There are many types of aerial lifts, as well as varied sizes. A single person vertical lift, a boom lift, and scissor lifts are examples of these. The ideal lift for the work will be determined by a number of variables. In this post, we’ll go over the numerous types and sizes of aerial lifts, as well as how they might be employed.

  • CONSTRUCTION – Aerial lifts are frequently found on construction sites. Consider adding something to the front of a business, such as a sign. The last thing you want to do is use a ladder to get to the sign-hanging location. A boom lift rental, for example, is a far better option. This allows you to have a basket with tools and equipment that can be accessed by up to three individuals. With a telescopic boom lift, you don’t even need to be close to the building’s side to have full access. An aerial lift can assist you with a variety of tasks on a construction site.

    The most essential considerations are the height to be reached, any accessibility limits on the lift’s size, the overall weight of the tools and equipment, and the number of persons to be carried in the basket. This will assist you in determining the type and size of lift you would like to rent. Contractors favor boom rental because of its versatility when utilized outdoors, as you can see. Scissor lifts are preferred for indoor tasks. Boom lifts are wonderful for supporting more weight and more personnel, but they’re too big to be used indoors. They can’t go through doors, and there’s a chance the boom will scrape the walls or hit the ceiling.
  • COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE – An aerial lift rental will come in handy when dealing with repairs and maintenance in business buildings. This is due in part to the fact that most facilities have relatively high ceilings. With a regular ladder, changing a lightbulb at that height is nearly impossible. Because you can’t readily bring your tools with you, performing maintenance on internal structures becomes increasingly complex and dangerous. In these types of situations, scissor aerial lifts are preferred. They can pass through doorways and turn tight corners, making them accessible indoors. In a warehouse, scissor lifts are useful for collecting tiny objects where a forklift is insufficient. It is easier to undertake basic jobs such as painting when you have supplies with you in the basket.
  • HOME REPAIRS – You might not think of aerial equipment rental as something you’d use at home, but you’d be amazed how useful it can be. If you’ve ever had to change a lightbulb in a foyer chandelier, you know how terrifying it can be to do so from a ladder. Simply erecting the ladder in the first place necessitates a certain level of skill in order to avoid breaking anything. A man lift rental, for example, is ideal for rolling right where you need it and easily reaching those hard-to-reach spots. Renting a man lift or perhaps a scissor lift will make spring cleaning a snap. Gutter cleaning, outdoor window cleaning, and even siding repair become a breeze. If you’ve ever tried to replace a shingle on your roof, you know how dangerous it can be to go from a ladder to the roof. It’s as simple as walking onto the roof or doing the repair right from the basket with the use of a scissor lift.
  • ENTERTAINMENT & EVENTS – Aerial lifts are frequently used by those in the entertainment business. This is as important in the shooting and producing industry as it is in performance halls. A boom lift rental, for example, allows you to take an aerial photo while maintaining a constant camera perspective. It is feasible to have one person filming while another handles the controls and the third assists with sound by having three individuals on the boom basket. To place speakers, lights, and link scaffolding, concert venues use everything from a man lift rental to scissor lifts. The possibilities are nearly unlimited, and they are far safer than utilizing a ladder to complete the same chores. The option to simply return the rental at the end of a show allows your team to move quickly to the next destination.

The majority of aerial lift rental businesses will transport the equipment to your exact location. Simply specify the equipment you need as well as the length of time you wish to rent it. Talk to the employees at the rental store if you’re not sure what kind of lift you’ll need. They can give you expert advice on the model of lift that will best suit your needs. If you are ready to get started on your next task, the experts at Rentalex want to talk with you. Call today at (813)971-9990 to discuss your boom lift rental needs.

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