Manufacturer: PORTER CAB
Model: 7800
4 Hour: $17
Daily: $26
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Light weight, weighs only 8 pounds
Operator can sand 10 foot ceiling without using stilts or a scaffold
Motor is located on the opposite end of the vacuum tube handle from the sanding head for best balance and control.
Patented foam-backed abrasive sanding pads virtually eliminate swirl marks
Articulating sand head enables operator to sand from top to bottom of a wall or ceiling without changing position.
Brush type skirt surround the sanding pad aiding in dust control and preventing pad from gouging wall joint.
Built in dust collection connector eliminates kinking or twisting of vacuum hose.
Variable speed dial adapts sanding pad speed to the application.

Model: 7800
Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz
Motor Amps: 3.5 Amp AC only Speed
RPM: Variable 1000-1650
Pad Size: 8 7/8IN
Pad Type: Foam Backed
Length: 62IN
Pad Mount: Compression Type