Wacker VP2050AW 20in Soil and Asphalt Plate Compactor with Water Tank. The VP-value plate series provides a simple, compact and proven design available in a variety of sizes and features to fit a wide range of applications. These single-direction vibratory plates are ideal for base preparation, asphalt compaction, interlocking paving stones and for the compaction of mixed soils in confined spaces. The specially designed base plate and guide handle provide for easy operation and maneuverability. The low vibration guide handle allows for longer working hours and less fatigue for the operator.

  • Flawless asphalt compaction: The chamfered edges of the base plate minimise the formation of stress edges when the vibratory plate turns.
  • Sturdy design for minimal maintenance effort: The V-belt drive with all-round protection provides for a particularly long operating duration of the V-belt. The base plate is made from wear resistant nodular cast iron.
  • A large sturdy lifting eye allows for secure transport. The guide handle that can be folded forward converts the unit into a compact unit in no time.
  • Accessories, paving stone sliding mechanism and wheel set available here in the shop
  • Exciter oil volume: 0,25 l
  • Exciter oil type: 75W-90 API GL-4
  • Fuel management: Carburettor
  • Inclined position max.: 20,0 °
  • Engine operating mode: four-stroke
  • Operating Engine speed: 3.520 1/min
  • Fuel consumption: 0,80 L/Std
  • Standard (Power max.): SAE J1349
  • Standard (Effective power): ISO 3046 IFN
  • Tank capacity: 3,60 l
  • Nominal Engine speed: 3.600 1/min, 3.600 1/min
  • Oil filling max.: 0,60 l
  • Effective power: 3,1 kW, 3,6 kW
  • Battery capacity (nom. value): 0 Ah
  • Air cleaner: Dry air filter
  • Power rating max.: 3,6 kW
  • Cooling: air cooling
  • Exhaust-gas limit: EPA4/08, EU Stage V
  • Oil specification: SAE 10W-30
  • Starter battery Voltage: 0 V
  • Engine speed (Power max.): 3.600 1/min
  • Starter type: Recoil starter
  • Operating power: 2,9 kW
  • Oil filling min.: 0,60 l
  • Engine type: Gasoline engine
  • Cylinder: 1
  • Engine Manufacturer: Honda
  • Standard (Operating power): ISO 3046 IFN
  • Cylinder capacity: 163 cm3
  • Spark plug(s): NGK BP-6 ES
  • Oil volume incl. filter change: 0,60 l
PDF Version Wacker VP2050AW Specifications
PDF Version Wacker VP2050AW Parts Manual