Reversible vibratory plate with a diesel engine for heavy demands on performance and sturdiness in soil, asphalt and paving stone compaction.

  • Wacker plate compactor is ideal for compacting over large areas, trenches and interlocking paving stones.
  • This vibratory plate compactor is great for compacting various types of soil.
  • Perform infinite forward and reverse operations with this diesel powered plate compactor.
  • Handle guide can be easily adjusted and moved to a vertical position for travel.
  • Operator fatigue and handle vibration reduced by the special shock mount design.
  • Roll cage and lifting eye makes loading and placement into trenches, very easy.
  • Equipped with an impact and wear resistant ductile iron plate.
  • Adjust operating widths with standard extension plates.
  • Tank capacity: 5,00 l
  • Exciter oil volume: 0,75 l
  • Hydraulic fluid type: Renolin MR 520
  • Hydraulic fluid volume: 0,5 l
  • Exciter oil type: 75W-90 API GL-4
  • Inclined position max.: 30,0 °
  • Engine operating mode: four-stroke
  • Operating Engine speed: 3.000 1/min
  • Fuel consumption: 1,60 L/Std
  • Standard (Power max.): ISO 3046 IFN
  • Standard (Effective power): ISO 3046 IFN
  • Nominal Engine speed: 2.850 1/min, 2.850 1/min
  • Oil filling max.: 1,10 l
  • Effective power: 6,4 kW, 6,4 kW
  • Battery capacity (nom. value): 0 Ah
  • Air cleaner: Dry air filter
  • Power rating max.: 7,0 kW
  • Cooling: air cooling
  • Exhaust-gas limit: EU Stage V
  • Oil specification: SAE 10W-40
  • Starter battery Voltage: 0 V
  • Engine speed (Power max.): 3.600 1/min
  • Starter type: Crank-handle starter
  • Upper idling speed ex load: 3.060 1/min
  • Operating power: 4,9 kW
PDF Version Wacker 5100009656 Specifications