Wacker Neuson BPS1550AW 5100061216 Single-direction vibratory plate with Honda gasoline engine. The BPS series is distinguished by its outstanding handling capabilities. Moving and turning these vibratory plates on fresh asphalt is unsurpassed in comfort and produces clean finishes with no marks. Even clean finishes at curbs are easy to produce due to the angular side edges of the base plate. The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while still achieving low hand-arm vibrations of less than 5 m/s², which makes long and comfortable working conditions possible.

  • The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while simultaneously reducing hand-arm vibrations to the greatest extent possible. This way, the vibratory plate can be controlled comfortably with little effort.
  • Turning and steering movements are transferred very easily to the machine. This makes work quick and comfortable.Large
  • The BPS plates are available with the choice of Honda or Briggs & Stratton gasoline engines.
  • The water tank is permanently mounted on the unit and cannot be removed as is the large hinged lid with slot. This means filling the tank with water is possible even without opening the lid.
  • The sprinkler system offers reliable water coverage over the entire width of the base plate without wasting water. As a result, refilling is needed less often.
  • The water volume can be regulated as required via a large knob within easy reach.
  • Tank capacity: 1,0 gal US
  • Fuel management: Carburettor
  • Inclined position max.: 20,0°
  • Engine operating mode: four-stroke
  • Operating Engine speed: 3.520 1/min
  • Fuel consumption: 0,2 GPH US
  • Standard (Power max.): SAE J1349
  • Standard (Effective power): ISO 3046 IFN
  • Nominal Engine speed: 3.600 1/min
  • Electrode distance: 0,028 - 0,032 "
  • Oil filling max.: 0,2 gal US
  • Effective power: 4,2 hp, 4,8 hp
  • Battery capacity (nom. value): 0 Ah
  • Air cleaner: Cyclone air filter
  • Power rating max.: 4,8 hp
  • Cooling: air cooling
  • Exhaust-gas limit: EPA4/08
  • Oil specification: SAE 10W-30
  • Starter battery Voltage: 0 V
  • Engine speed (Power max.): 3.600 1/min
  • Starter type: Recoil starter
  • Operating power: 3,9 hp
  • Oil filling min.: 0,2 gal US
  • Engine type: Gasoline engine
  • Cylinder: 1
  • Engine Manufacturer: Honda
  • Standard (Operating power): ISO 3046 IFN
  • Cylinder capacity: 9,9 Inch3
  • Spark plug(s): NGK BP-6 ES
  • Kraftstofftyp: Gasoline
  • Oil volume incl. filter change: 0,2 gal US
  • Vibrations: 5.880 1/min
  • Forward running: 1,4 fps
  • Transmission: FKK-KR
  • Gradeability: 36,4 %
  • Centrifugal force: 3.372 lbf
  • Vibrations (Hz): 98,0 Hz
  • Area capacity: 9.364,7 ft2/h
  • Operating temperature range: 5 - 113 °F
  • Sound power LWA (Standard): EN 500-4
  • Sound power LWA, measured: 107,0 dB(A)
  • Lenght Drawbar in op. pos.: 38,2 "
  • Operating weight: 196,4 lb
  • Ground clearance: 26,1 "
  • Height:  26.1 "
  • Width: 19,7 "
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