Manufacturer: POWERMATE
Model: M1
4 Hour: $120
Daily: $120
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The PowerMate M-Series stair climbing hand trucks = heavy duty lifting! The PowerMate M-1 is a heavy duty stair climber with a capacity to move loads up to 1,500 lbs. The M-1 is made from heavy duty steel construction and is ideal for moving heavy loads like safes, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, elevator equipment or any heavy, awkward load.

The PowerMate M-1 is four machines in one: a powered stair climber; a powered tailgate lift; a loading dock leveler and a well-balanced dolly. The following list provides a quick reference to some of the advantages attributed to the PowerMate M-1 stair climber.


  • The PowerMate M-1 is the machine of choice for moving heavy boilers out of residential basements in one piece.
  • M-1’s are well balanced machines: The M-1 is always in a balanced position, even while on stairs. Operators can let go of the machine to open doors or move obstructions – even answer their cell phones! This is impossible with a regular hand truck.
  • Elevator package: The M-1 elevator package includes everything you need to move electric motors, test weights, cable and sheaves. Contact PowerMate for more information on the M-1 elevator package.
  • Leverage bar: The M-1 comes with a leverage bar to assist with maneuvering loads. The leverage bar also works in conjunction with a ‘hook box’ that can be installed in the bed of your vehicle or loading dock to assist with load-in.
  • Tailgate lift: The PowerMate M-1 is a tailgate lift able to raise and lower loads onto your vehicle beds and has a 40″ lifting height!
  • PowerMate charging cage: The PowerMate docking station is the ideal place to store and charge your PowerMate overnight. Store your PowerMate accessories and lock your station for security purposes.


  • Fully Automatic Braking System
  • Override Clutch
  • Drive Screw Top Guard
  • Rugged Steel Outer Frame Carries Load
  • Machine 24″W x 17″D x 60″ High
  • Machine Weight 165 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty Control Switches
  • Two Adjustable Strapbars 26″ Length
  • Bar and Plate Felt – Protects Loads
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced 10′ Straps
  • Quick Release Safety Locking Cam
  • Super Efficient Drive Screw
  • .65 Kilowatt High Efficiency DC Motor
  • Retractable 2-Wheel Dolly
  • Leverage Bar
  • Sealed Battery 12V 32 AH Maintenance Free and Rechargeable
  • Puncture Proof Wheels 8″ Diameter
  • Toeplate 24″W
  • Anti-Skid Protector On Heel Of Machine
  • Lifting Height 40″ (101.6 cm)
  • Machine Capacity 1500 lbs. (682 kg)
  • Overload Protection
  • Solid State controller
  • Advanced Electronic Microprocessor


  • Flat Surface Moving:
    One Person – 650 lbs. (295 kg.)
    Two People – 1,500 lbs. (682 kg.)
  • Stair Climbing / Tailgate Lifting:
    One Person – 450 lbs. (204 kg.)
    Two People – 1,000 lbs. (454 kg.)
PowerMate M-1 Stair Climber

PowerMate M-1 Stair Climber

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