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Scaffolding Frames Setup

Scaffolding Safety Tips and Hints

Scaffolds offer many advantages over ladder-jack assemblies whether you are changing sky-high warehouse light bulbs or replacing windows on a two-story home. Framed scaffolds or pipe scaffolds provide a wider platform working surface, can be moved without disassembly, and feature guardrails to keep you from falling. Here’s how to safely use scaffolds to get things done off the ground.

Scaffold Frames
Scaffold planks
  1. Make sure you are trained properly to set up scaffolding.
  2. Check location for ground conditions, overhead wires, obstructions, changes in surface elevation, and tie-in problems.
  3. Inspect frames, braces and all other components for damage, bends and excessive rust or wear.
  4. Use a safety harness which is tied off to the scaffold, building or lifeline.
  5. Assemble frame scaffolds with one other person so that one person is on the scaffold and one is passing materials from the ground.
  6. Check for squareness and alignment of all scaffold parts.
  7. Remove debris and mud from the setup area, and level the ground before placing the staging legs.
  8. Setup the staging legs on a stable, solid base. Use mudsills when scaffolding is erected on soil.
  9. Use appropriate mud sills that are continuous under at least two support feet.
  10. Nail or screw the base plates to the mudsills.
  11. Use jackscrews to eliminate hazards created by temporarily jacking up the erected scaffold to add shims when sections settle or are not level.
  12. Inspect locking devices frequently.
  13. Make sure all sections of the first level are level and square.
  14. Install ladders as the erection proceeds. When scaffolds are to be in place for an extended period, install a stairway. Ladders must extend 1 m (3 ft) above the platform and be tied securely to the staging.
  15. Fasten all braces and guardrails securely. Make sure all cross bracing fits and locks onto each post in every section.
  16. Install all of the guardrails that are required: top, mid and toe. Requirements will vary depending on the materials used, and on the the legislation that applies in your area.
  17. Inspect planks before use. Check the weight the planks will have to carry, including the weight of the crew, tools and materials.
  18. Complete platform fully at each working level before assembling the next level.
  19. Secure the scaffolding to the adjacent building structure as specified in the legislation that applies in your area.
  20. Assemble all equipment according to manufacturer’s specifications or engineer’s design.
Scaffold Frames

Scaffold planks

Choosing the Right Ladder

Best Practices for Safe Ladder Use

  1. Get the Right-Sized Ladder for the Job
    One of the factors in getting the right ladder for the job is length. A good rule of thumb when selecting a ladder is to calculate a person’s maximum reach height, which is approximately 4 feet higher than the height of the ladder. Duty rating is important as well, so be sure to pick the right ladder for your workload and weight.
  2. Place Your Ladder on Firm, Level Ground
    Be sure to clear trash, construction materials, and other obstructions away from the base and top of the ladder. The base of the ladder should be safely secured to prevent accidental movement. You can also use a ladder with non-slip feet or add outriggers or levelers to the bottom of an extension ladder to increase the footprint.
  3. Take Your Time Climbing Down—Don’t Skip Any Steps
    Exercise caution whether you are climbing down or up a ladder. Always face the ladder when climbing up or down, and be cautious until you’re on the ground.
  4. Keep Three Points of Contact When Climbing Up or Down
    To keep your balance, always maintain three points of contact—two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand—while climbing up or down a ladder.
  5. Stay Within Your Reach
    When working from a ladder, keep your center of gravity and body between the side rails. If you can’t easily reach the project area once you have ascended the ladder, climb down and move the ladder more closely in alignment.


COVID-19 Coronavirus - Rentalex Store Notice

As the Covid-19 situation evolves Rentalex remains open and dedicated to the well-being of our customers. Our first priority is to safely serve our clients and we’d like to share some updates on how we’re supporting our employees and customers in the wake of this crisis.

All new orders and reservations are to be called in at (813)971-9990, or they can be made on our website at When returning equipment please call in to let us know you have arrived or are in route. We will have an employee provide curbside service to take care of your equipment returns. Please do not leave your vehicle. The health of our employees and customers is extremely important to us, and we’re proud to be able to continue to safety serve our customers during this critical time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional assistance.

Robert Krueger

Tree Removal Rules

Getting Answers: What Exactly Are the Rules in Florida for Tree Removal or Trimming?

Tree Removal Rules

Tree Removal Rules

Tampa Bay residents are cleaning up after a cold front brought strong winds that knocked down trees and even produced tornadoes. Some people should want to know what’s allowed when trimming or even considering removing a tree that might pose a danger the next time a storm passes by. So, just what are the rules for tree trimming or removal?

  • New state law gives private property owners more freedom to remove/trim trees
  • Homeowners must obtain certification from professional arborist
  • Local municipalities waive fees and permit requirement with certification

Presently, municipalities and the state have rules that might seem in conflict with each other. For years, cities and counties required property owners to pay a fee and get a permit to remove or trim a tree. But a new state law, in effect since last summer, says all you need is documentation by a certified arborist or licensed landscape architect. It must show the tree poses a danger to persons or property. The law even forbids local governments from requiring a permit, fee or mitigation, thus the conflict. It is still recommended to check with the county and verify what documentation is needed before doing any changes. Click here to find more information about the tree removal rules.

Equipment Rentals

Benefits of Renting Heavy Duty Equipment

Equipment Rentals

Heavy Equipment Rentals – Tampa Bay Area

Renting heavy equipment can generally prove to be the most effective choice for you. Equipment rentals have become more common due to the rising value of buying equipment, and an unpredictable market. In several instances, renting has become a viable possibility for several companies because it provides them the flexibility to cut down costs and run a financially stable construction business. Here are some advantages that your company can see if you choose to start renting construction equipment.

One of the advantages of renting equipment is that you simply will avoid the initial purchase price. Buying brand new construction equipment can be pricey and may build an enormous impact on your company’s budget. Moreover, purchasing equipment could be a long term investment that ties you right down to specific equipment machines. Renting or leasing equipment helps avoid the upfront costs related to buying, and provides an opportunity for companies to wisely distribute their money in other resources.

Renting equipment also gives you the opportunity to make small, regular payments instead of having to pay a large sum of money at once. You can rent an specific piece of equipment for short or long periods, and it can also be rented for DIY projects or commercial projects. Rental companies often accept different types of payment to accommodate customers.

Owning a piece of equipment also means that any maintenance costs would probably be higher than they would be on rented machinery. Heavy duty equipment always requires a significant upkeep to ensure that it operates safely and at an optimal level. Renting equipment will take away the stress from having to worry about maintaining a piece of equipment.

Renting equipment has some major benefits for companies of all sizes by creating efficiencies, and reducing logistic concerns like storage problems, transportation issues, and depreciation prices that will reflect in the sale of any acquired equipment.

Rentalex Lawn Tools

Simple Solutions to Common Landscaping Issues

Rentalex Lawn Tools

Rentalex Lawn Tools

There’s one in every neighborhood – the house with the bright green grass, perfectly trimmed shrubs and flowers in full bloom. As you look at your own lawn, plagued with weeds and sparse patches, you wonder how your neighbor is able to achieve such a beautiful outdoor space. The secret isn’t in how much time or money can be invested, but rather taking the right steps at the right time to eliminate lawn and garden problems.

Here are some common landscaping issues and the easy steps any homeowner can take to correct them:

Sparse, brown lawn

If your lawn is looking sparse and brown, the likely culprit is thatch. Thatch is the layer of dead grass, leaves and stems that block water and nutrients from reaching the roots. To revive your grass, you need to remove this layer and prime your lawn for strong regrowth.

A dethatcher, also known as a power rake, is the easiest way to get rid of the layer of thatch. Then you’ll want to use an aerator to poke small holes in the dirt so that nutrients, air and moisture can get to the roots. These two pieces of equipment are critical for repairing sparse, brown lawn, but purchasing them outright is costly. Consider renting them from your local rental store.


No single method will eliminate all weeds, so the best action really depends on what types of weeds you have. Here are some tips on the most common:

  • Dandelion – It’s imperative to dig out dandelions before they go to seed. You can also spot treat dandelions with a broad leaf weed killer. If you do this, make sure your product does not kill grass.
  • White clover – This weed can spread quickly on undernourished lawn.  Combat by watering regularly and applying nitrogen fertilizer. You can also use a broad leaf weed killer for spot treatments.
  • Crab grass – If it’s early in the season, consider applying a pre-emergence crabgrass herbicide. Because crabgrass thrives on shorter lawns, set your mower to a higher setting, about 2.5 to 3 inches.

Overgrown hedges, shrubs and trees

Meticulously trimmed hedges and trees make a yard look perfectly manicured. The tools of the trade will make the job a breeze, but you don’t need to purchase a tree trimmer or chainsaw. You can easily rent those at our rental store for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

The most important consideration when operating a chain saw or trimmer is safety. When you rent, you get personalized training on the equipment. Tell the rental professional what you want to accomplish and they will help you find the equipment you need to get the job done, while providing you with tips on how to use the equipment and safety.

When you’re done trimming and clearing out your area, renting a chipper can make cleanup quick and easy.

Wilting, dead plants

No matter where you live, if your outdoor plants start to wilt or turn brown, it’s likely that they need water. Sounds simple enough, but it’s also easy for plant novices to overwater – which can kill your plants and flowers just as easily as under watering them.

Start by always watering during the early morning or late evening hours. Watering during peak sun hours will cause most of the water to evaporate and little will reach the plants’ roots. Research the recommended watering schedule for your lawn and plants so that you can create a weekly watering schedule. Some plants may only need watering once a week, while others may need it daily. You can also ask your local nursery or the Extension Service of the US Department of Agriculture for planting and watering recommendations in your area.

Striped lawn

Nothing is more frustrating than the homeowner who spends lots of time on yard work only to wake up one day to a striped lawn. If you have healthy lines of green grass that alternate with yellow or brown stripes, likely the cause is uneven fertilizer application.

The trick to fertilizing evenly with a drop spreader is overlapping wheel tracks by an inch or two. This will help ensure no area gets missed and any potential for stripes is eliminated.


Rentalex Iron Is In Their Blood

Rentalex: Iron Is In Their Blood

Rentalex was featured in an article in the new May – June 2019 edition of the Pro Contractors Rentals Magazine. Check out the full article here!

Rentalex Iron Is In Their Blood

Rentalex Iron Is In Their Blood


Day 1 Skyjack Training - Electric Scissor Lifts

Skyjack Training – Aerial Work Platform Lifts

Rentalex Team strives to work hard and to stay up-to-date with all the ANSI standards for heavy equipment maneuvering. Skyjack provided a 3-day safety training session for some of our employees in the functionality of aerial work platforms. The training consisted of three consecutive full-day sessions starting on October 23rd and ending in October 25th.

The first day of training mainly focused on electric scissor lifts, the second day was focused on rough terrain scissors, and the third day covered aerial booms. See some of our employees at the training classes:

Rentalex Employee Training Held by Skyjack
October 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2018

Florence Hurricane Help

Supporting Hurricane Florence Disaster Zone

Sending Help for Hurricane Florence

Rentalex has equipment on route to offer support to the 2018 Hurricane Florence disaster zone.

Rentalex - Equipment Rentals & Sales

When Going ‘Green’, Don’t Forget the Fourth ‘R’

Construction Rental Tools in The Tampa Bay Area

Top Construction Rental Tools in The Tampa Bay Area

Are you doing your part in helping to “green” America? We all know the three “R’s” that we should be practicing each and every day – reduce, reuse and recycle – but did you know about the fourth “R”, which helps you accomplish the other three? This “R” will not only cut down on your individual carbon footprint but will also save you money on your green home improvement projects.

The fourth “R” stands for rental, the original green industry, and provides the solution to many of your environmentally-friendly building needs.

Not only is it a more economical choice, but it is also a greener choice than buying when it comes to your do-it-yourself project equipment needs.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and rent

“Going green” is a term used to describe being more environmentally conscious in all aspects of your life. The goal of “going green” is to practice behaviors that help reduce your overall carbon footprint, which is a measurement of all greenhouse gases we individually produce. Some people adopt this lifestyle in baby steps; gradually introducing more green products and behaviors into their everyday life. Others adopt it on a much larger scale; replacing a number of harmful products or practices all at once. Either way, the planet benefits! But how does renting fit into a green lifestyle? Called the “original green industry”, renting is one of the few businesses that completely encompasses the other three “R’s” – when consumers share products through rental, they are reducing their carbon footprint by reusing equipment that has already been manufactured, and recycling it on to the next person who needs it.

Go green with rental

Cutting down on waste is one of the main components of going green. This includes reducing the use of non-biodegradable packaging, excess energy consumption and harmful fuel emissions. One of the easiest ways to reduce your waste in all three of these areas is to “share” products that you know you will only be using on occasion. When working on home improvement or DIY projects, you will probably end up needing some tools you don’t have just lying around the house – an aerator, an auger or even a jackhammer.

By renting these tools instead of buying new, you are not only reusing equipment, but you are also reducing the manufacturing, packaging and shipping process of new equipment.

Sharing equipment also means you will always get the most eco-friendly and energy efficient tools available. The professionals in the rental industry handle the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment and make sure every tool complies with the latest industry and environmental standards.

And unlike many other green investments, renting does not require a huge upfront cost. While many green products come with a larger price tag, with the understanding that they will pay off in the long run, renting is a more economical choice than buying new and will pay off immediately since you don’t have to worry about the storage and upkeep of the equipment. With the money you save by renting, you can invest in more environmentally friendly materials for your home improvement project and reap the cost savings for a lifetime.

Whether you’re putting in new windows, installing more energy-efficient appliances or adding solar panels, there are many things you can do to ensure that you are helping the planet at the same time. To cut down on your carbon footprint and improve your energy efficiency, look to rental, the original green industry, to help “greenify” your next home-improvement project.


Drilling System

What Makes Drilling Specialist More Productive?

Drilling systems that enable you to drill quickly, more ergonomically and adapt to different applications can make you more productive. When developing and improving our drill motors, drill stands and diamond bits we, look at the whole system. We analyze every component and process to find out how we can make skilled drilling operators work even more efficiently and effortlessly. More holes drilled per working hour. More production per operator. That’s what a Husqvarna core drilling system is designed to do.

Range Overview
Husqvarna drill systems consist of powerful drill motors and sturdy stands. Power options are available from the electric handheld 2.5 hp DM 220 to the hydraulic 12.5 hp DM 406 H. Recommended maximum drilling diameters range from 4 in to 24 in. For the highest production rate, choose the system/systems optimal for your kind of operation. Download PDF Version – Husqvarna Drilling Systems

Husqvarna Drilling Systems

Husqvarna Construction Products – Drilling Systems

Rental equipment for improving your lawn.

How to Get the Best Looking Lawn in the
Neighborhood Without Breaking the Bank

Rental equipment for improving your lawn.

Rental equipment for improving your lawn.

Every year around this time, there’s at least one yard in the neighborhood everyone wishes were their own. It has the perfectly manicured lawn, the rounded hedges and the flowers that just won’t quit blooming. As you look at your own lawn, with the weeds and brown spots, you wonder where you went wrong. After all, you were out there mowing as much as your neighbors last year.

Well, time to let you in on a little secret. Not only did those neighbors you envy so much spend time mowing their lawn, they also dethatched their lawn, aerated it, used a rototiller to turn up the dead patches and reseeded, but they also carefully re-edged along the sidewalks.

Sound like an expensive proposition? It would have been had they hired a lawn service, or bought all the tools they needed, but they did the entire project themselves with rented tools. According to the American Rental Association (ARA), more and more people are turning to rented equipment and tools for their home improvement projects. Not only does renting offer significant cost savings, it is convenient as well. When you rent tools, you don’t have to worry about equipment maintenance or storage. You will also be able to take advantage of expert advice from a rental professional. These trained professionals will be able to guide you in the right direction and give you tips on how to operate the equipment in the safest and most effective way. They can also help you select the correct tools for your project.

For example, if you visit your local rental business and say your lawn is looking sparse and brown, they’ll tell you that thatch — the layer of interwoven grass, leaves and stems that blocks water and nutrients from reaching the roots — is the likely culprit.

To pull out the old thatch, you’ll be urged to rent a dethatcher, also called a power rake, which will remove the tangle of grass clippings, leaves and stems that have collected in your grass. The next step will be to rent an aerator, which is a gas-powered machine that actually pokes holes in the earth and removes cores of dirt as it goes. The holes allow nutrients, air and moisture to penetrate your lawn’s root system. Once that’s done, you’ll need to get out there and tackle the weeds.

If you have any patches that are all weeds and no grass, you can use a rototiller to turn up the ground and then reseed. You’ll also want to rent an edger once or twice during the season to give your lawn that well cared for look.

With a little effort and some cost-effective rental tools, your lawn may just become the pride of the neighborhood. At Rentalex, our professional rental representatives will make it easy for you to learn how to use the right tools for your project. For more information on Rentalex, visit us online at, or call us at (813)971-9990.

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rental

Get Professional Results without the Professional

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rental

Rentalex – Tools & Equipment Rental

In the do-it-yourself television shows, the pros make it look so easy and for them, it is. They have a lot of big tools to do the work; they know which tools are right for the job and how to use them. This information is not privileged and you don’t have to watch years of do-it-yourself shows to learn how.

Rentalex carries the same tools the pros use. We also have rental specialists on staff to explain how to use them before you take it home so you do the job right — without damage to yourself, your house or the tool.

To get your money’s worth out of renting a specialty tool, there are a few things you should know to rent right.

First, choose the best tool for the job. Tell the staff at Rentalex what you want to accomplish rather than what tool you want to rent. We may suggest a different tool that will do the job better and quicker. Trust us to rent you the tool you need and not more tool than you can handle.

Trust Rentalex to provide correct information. We believe in volunteering answers for the questions you don’t know enough to ask. When we ask questions, we’re investigating. At Rentalex, we ask questions in order to rent you the correct tool to get professional and efficient results.

The information we can provide is invaluable — so not only do you rent well-maintained equipment, but you rent it with the security of knowing you’re doing it the best way possible. Once you decide on a tool, our staff teaches you how to use it safely. The customer’s safety is important at Rentalex. If a tool doesn’t feel right or doesn’t seem to be working correctly, please call us at (813)971-9990. Plus, we offer instruction on project preparation before taking the tool home.

Here are some examples of tool possibilities you can use and knowledge you’ll get at Rentalex:

Airless Paint Electric 395

Airless Paint Sprayer

Paint Sprayer: Painting is one of the simplest, most inexpensive redecorating projects. You can make it even simpler and faster with a rented airless paint sprayer. Be prepared and you’ll get incredibly fast spray painting. Cover, mask and tape windows, furniture and floors, and thin and strain the paint through a nylon stocking or paint filter. We can offer advice on how to thin the paint to get it to go through the sprayer, but you must also read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to thin their paint.

Get these steps done before driving to Rentalex to pick up the sprayer. You’ll save yourself the expense of time when you have the tool and aren’t using it. Keep the paint supply clean and don’t let the paint dry out to keep the nozzle from clogging. If the nozzle gets clogged, don’t put your hand in front of the spray. An airless sprayer can severely damage flesh in seconds. The instructions will tell you how to unclog the nozzle. Don’t point the sprayer at anything you don’t want to paint. See our paint sprayers here:

Nail Gun

Nail Gun

Nail Gun: Use a nail gun to avoid the frustration and pain of hammering. Nail guns drive nails much faster and set the nails below the surface so the nails are ready for filling. A few tips for the first-time nail gun user: use manufacturer-specified nails to keep the gun from jamming. Keep the nails clean — don’t put nails into the gun that were just dropped into sawdust. Learn how to lubricate the head if you plan to use it for more than a day. See our general building tools and equipment here:

General M240H Auger

General Auger

Power Auger: Another common do-it-yourself project is fence building. What can be a quick project becomes weeks-long if you have a lot of holes to dig. Rent a power auger to dig all the post holes for you, and your fence really can be a weekend job. Two-person power augers are perfect for fence post holes.

These machines drill holes for small-diameter uses and come with interchangeable 4, 6 or 8-inch augers. Identify what kind of soil you’re digging in to determine how big a machine you need. See our 1-man general gas auger here:

Other tools available for rental include skid steers, walk-behind trenchers, drywall hoist, pressure washers, and tile saws to name a few. Some of which you may think “I couldn’t really operate one of those.” But in reality, you can.

Our staff will make it easy for you to learn how to use the right tools for your project. With the right tools you get professional results without the professional. Renting is the smart way to get things done. For more information on Rentalex, visit us online at, or call us at (813)971-9990.

Light Tower Rentals

Getting Equipment Ready To Go!

At Rentalex, we always strive to offer the best service possible. Our equipment rental representatives are committed to provide our customers with well-maintained, safe, and competitively priced equipment. Check out some pictures of our rental equipment including light towers and forlifts getting ready to get on the road and be delivered.

Light Towers
Light Towers

Light Towers
Light Towers


Need help finding a tool? We can help you find the equipment you need to complete your project.
Contact us Today at (813)971-9990 to get a quote!

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rental

Home Improvement Simplified
Even Small Projects Have A Big Impact

When budgeting demands cut back on life’s little extravagances, it’s a disappointing but acceptable change. Cutting things out of the budget, like home improvement projects, might seem reasonable in the short term, but it’s a bad decision in the long run. Taking on those projects might seem like an expensive proposition, but with smart solutions, like renting tools, taking proper care of your home is well within your budget.

Protect your most important investment

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rental

Rentalex – Tools & Equipment Rental

Your home is your largest investment and no matter how the housing market fluctuates, you don’t want to neglect maintenance and upkeep around the house. Taking the time to do projects will not only ensure the safety of your family, but it will also ensure your financial security for years to come. Investing energy and money into fixing little problems, like a crack in your home’s foundation, will prevent larger problems down the road.

Simple projects to refresh the look of your home, like a fresh coat of paint or a little landscaping work, will not only make your home feel more warm and inviting, but it will also yield a large return on investment when it comes to resale value. The “green” movement might offer ideas for other projects. By making your home more energy efficient, you can reduce bills and add value for the future, should you want to put your home on the market.

Improve your house without increasing your bills

Although many home improvement projects can be simple, they often require tools that most people don’t commonly have. This is when it makes sense to visit your local rental store Since you will most likely only need the tools or equipment once, renting is a more cost-effective solution than buying new or hiring a handyman.

Stocked with pressure washers to clean off your siding or deck, jackhammers to tear out an uneven front walk and concrete polishers to give your garage floor a new finish, your nearby rental store is like the ultimate workshop — filled with professional grade tools, see our fleet here: Rentalex Rental Equipment. Your local rental professionals will make sure you get the right tools for your job, and they will teach you how to properly use the equipment you need.

Find your local rental resource

Avoid spending time and money running all over town to find the tools you need — make one stop at your local rental store. Rentalex is a rental store located in the Tampa Bay area ready to help you. Our rental representatives can provide how-to tips and help you find the perfect tool to help you complete your project. Visit our Tampa store at 1028 Skipper Road, in Tampa,FL 33613. Don’t let your biggest investment become your biggest burden — maximize your investment while cutting your costs with rental.

Getting Ready for Hurricane Irma

Getting Ready for Hurricane Irma

Getting Ready for Hurricane Irma

Rentalex is preparing for Hurricane Irma, equipment is being moved to a safer location. Stay safe during the hurricane!

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rentals

Yard Work Accidents are Common This Time of Year
– Here are 7 Tips to Stay Safe –

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rentals

Rentalex – Tools & Equipment Rentals

This time of year, you can’t help but notice the chainsaws buzzing and the hum of wood chippers reducing twigs, branches and what were once towering trees into mulch. Not to mention, the noise coming from edgers, rototillers and other machines working hard to get the yard ready for winter. As long as the weather is nice, do-it-yourselfers will be out in force cleaning up yards across the country.

If you’re planning to join the ranks, be sure to take the time to study up on safety precautions before operating equipment like chainsaws, chippers and edgers. They can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper safety measures.

Since January 2000, there have been dozens of claims involving people who were injured while using rented yard equipment, according to ARA Insurance Services, an insurance company owned by the American Rental Association. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Wood chipper accidents — 11 claims
  • Chain saw accidents — 12 claims
  • Log splitter accidents — 11 claims
  • Accidents involving rototillers — 6 claims
  • Stump grinder accidents — 6 claims

Don’t become the next statistic. Make sure you know how to operate the equipment before getting started.

Rentalex is ready to offer safety advice on our tools and machines. When you arrive at our store, located at 1028 Skipper Road in Tampa, Florida. Tell one of our rental experts what you want to accomplish and they will help you find the equipment you need to get the job done. Our staff is regularly trained on using the equipment and can provide you with plenty of tips for proper and safe use. Rentalex staff is prepared to demonstrate how to use each tool safely and effectively. Don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions to make sure you know how to handle the tool you’re taking home.

Rentalex - Tools & Equipment Rentals

Rentalex – Lawn & Garden Equipment Rentals

If, for example, you’re planning to cut down a pine tree with a trunk that’s three feet in diameter, we will help you find the proper saw and show you the right way to handle it. Our staff will recommend you first clear away dirt, debris, small limbs and rocks from the area you’re planning to cut. Then before turning on the saw, to check controls, chain tension and all bolts and handles to ensure they are functioning properly. We also suggest our customers wear protective equipment when operating the saw, which includes hand, foot, leg, eye, face, hearing and head protection.

Chippers can also be dangerous when they aren’t handled in the correct way. A machine that is powerful enough to chew up tree limbs and then spit them out as little chips can easily do the same to a hand or arm, according to ARA Insurance Services.

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration put together these seven tips to keep in mind while operating a chipper:

  1. Never reach into a chipper while it is operating.
  2. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing around a chipper.
  3. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions.
  4. Use earplugs, safety glasses, hard hats and gloves.
  5. Protect yourself from contacting operating chipper components by guarding the infeed and discharge ports, and preventing the opening of the access covers or doors until the drum or disc completely stops.
  6. Maintain at least two tree or log lengths between chipper operations and other workers.
  7. If your chipper is jammed, make sure the engine is turned off when you try and remove the shrub or branch.

No matter what kind of equipment you’re renting, chainsaws, chippers or some other tool, be sure to ask one of our rental experts to include the instruction manual and any safety information they may have. Reserve a tool for your next outdoor project by visiting us at 1028 Skipper Road in Tampa, FL 33613 or call us today at (813)971-9990.

Rentalex - Lawn Equipment Rentals

Invest in Home Improvements, Not in Tools for the Job

Garden Tools and Lawn Equipment Rentals

Many homeowners see fall as the year’s last chance to fix that leaky roof, resurface the driveway, restain the deck, clean the chimney, and tidy the yard. But while all your last-minute chores probably won’t break your back, they could break the bank if you try to buy all the tools you will need to get the jobs done.

For many homeowners with realistic home improvement budgets and limited tool storage space, renting from Rentalex located in Tampa Florida is the answer. Cheaper than buying, renting tools allows homeowners to put their home improvement dollars towards materials, rather than equipment.

Here are some common home improvement or repair tasks:

  • Deck Maintenance – Fall is a great time to re-stain the deck, and repair any damaged wood. If you are removing and replacing damaged wood, you’ll need a variety of hand and power tools such as power saws and a nail gun. To stain or seal the deck, you can rent power sprayers to make the job fast and easy.
  • Roof and Window Repairs – Keeping your windows and roof in good shape can help reduce future costs. Scaffolding can help you reach both and is often a safer, more stable work space than a ladder. Rentalex staff can help you determine the tools you will need to repair the roof or damage around windows.
  • Clean Up the Backyard – Clear brush, sod or seed bare spots in the lawn, remove leaves and store summer gardening tools. Rentalex rents hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, sod cutters, leaf blowers, yard vacuums, chainsaws, and stump grinders.

To learn more about tools and equipment available for rent at Rentalex, visit us at 1028 Skipper Road in Tampa, Florida 33613 or call one of our rental experts at (813)971-9990.

Bern’s Steak House Mural by Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton Art – Bern’s Steak House Mural

Tristan Eaton recently completed a new art piece in Tampa to celebrate 60 years of “Bern’s Steak House”. The colorful combination completely blends into the surroundings and honors the local restaurant in style. Check out some of our Rentalex scissor lifts at work at the Bern’s Steak House Mural project.

Bern’s Steak House Mural

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Photos by: Scott Purks (Tampa Bay Times)

Bern’s Steak House Mural

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Photos by: Lance Rothstein (The Tampa Tribune)

Bern’s Steak House Mural

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Photos by: Lance Rothstein (The Tampa Tribune)

Bern’s Steak House Mural

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Photos by: Lance Rothstein (The Tampa Tribune)

Bern’s Steak House Mural

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Photos by: Lance Rothstein (The Tampa Tribune)

Bern’s Steak House Mural

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Photos by: Scott Purks (Tampa Bay Times)

Commerce Center - Construction Work Project

Clearwater 19 Commerce Center – Construction Project

The Clearwater 19 Commerce Center is located at 22067 US Hwy 19 N in Clearwater, Florida. Check out some of our Rentalex equipment at work at the Clearwater 19 Commerce Center construction project.

Clearwater 19 Commerce Center

Rentalex JLG G6-42A Forklift
Customer: Southern Home Improvements